ConveGenius Insights (CGI) executes the largest tablet-based assessment in India, with 21,309 students across 1,115 schools in 12 districts of Himachal Pradesh

ConveGenius Insights (CGI), an educational assessment platform, has conducted a first-of-its-kind state-wide assessment for the Himachal Pradesh Samagra Shiksha department in partnership with Michael & Susan Dell Foundation. The large-scale assessment using 1,900 tablets will help develop a remedial learning strategy for the state after understanding the post-COVID student learning outcomes.

The digital assessment took place among 21,309 students across 1,115 schools in 12 districts of Himachal Pradesh. The students of Class 4, 6, and 9 were assessed for mathematics and language using scientific assessment methodologies like Item Response Theory and Rasch Model. The assessment registered a participation rate of 83% (w.r.t the enrolments) as all stakeholders provided their full support to successfully implement this forward-looking digital assessment model despite logistic challenges in the Himalayan state.

Varun Dutt, Assessment Lead, ConveGenius Insights, said, “This is a watershed moment in the landscape of large-scale education assessments. CGI, with HP Samagra Shiksha’s support, has successfully executed the largest tablet-based assessment in India and probably globally too. The learnings from this study will be critical and will act as a guiding light for executing similar large-scale digital assessments in other geographies.”


“Technology gives us the power to constantly innovate and improve assessment platforms (with built-in features to reduce malpractices during assessments), better student experience, and improve data quality. It provides near real-time data to support administrators and policymakers to nudge education. Digital assessments are the future and are here to stay.”

Jairaj, Co-Founder & Managing Director at ConveGenius, said, “Himachal’s tab-based assessment is the first time that an education assessment has been conceptualised and implemented across the state using tablets. It is a technology-led disruption in the assessment segment as earlier, the assessments were done on pen and paper, which took 2-3 months. Our model helps improve the pace and integrity of data collection. We have also solved an online-offline problem, especially for remote areas where internet connectivity may be intermittent.”


Aditya Chopra, Vice-President of Samagra, said, “We were pleased to partner with ConveGenius Insights (CGI) for conducting a first-of-its-kind tablet-based third-party assessment for the state of Himachal Pradesh. The assessment has helped the state government to establish a baseline of learning levels of students, which was essential post-shutdown of schools due to Covid-19. Leveraging insights from this assessment, we are designing programs under the Samarth program for the systemic transformation of education in the state. The government has adopted technology and data in a big way, and we are excited with the opportunities ahead.”


Samar Bajaj, Director, Michael & Susan Dell Foundation India, LLP, said, “Apart from the extensive use of technology, where tablets were used to test 20,000+ students, CGI stands out for reliable and faster testing. The large-scale assessments have provided a ‘system-level’ view of learning and identifying trends, leading to interventions like an intensive catch-up program, each student’s workbooks, and a digital content repository. We are hoping other states will replicate implementing similar data-driven solutions.”


ConveGenius Insights (CGI) has pioneered models to develop modern measurement techniques in education. The services include a range of assessments that suit the requirements for action on the ground and the diversity of India.

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