Coolpad signs MoU with China Mobile to produce 5G devices

Coolpad has signed MOU  with China Mobile to be their leading 5G technology partner. The MOU was signed during the recently concluded World Mobile Conference Global Terminal Summit held in Shanghai.  China Mobile is the world`s largest mobile telecommunications corporation publishes 5G terminal guidelines under the ‘5G device forerunner initiative’ .  As one of the 13 global terminal vendors for 5G, Coolpad signed the “5G terminal forerunner plan” with China Mobile.

The “5G terminal forerunner plan” was launched in February 2018 during the World Mobile Communication Conference. The plan aims to clarify the technical requirements of 5G terminal, accelerate the pace of producing 5G terminal products, explore the path of industrial development and promote the innovation of the 5G terminal industry.

As a member of the “5G terminal forerunner plan “, Coolpad has reached a preliminary consensus with other participants on the current industry promotion strategy, product requirements and product planning, which are all included in the 5G terminal product guidance report.  Additionally , Coolpad will also provide some valuable technical proposals about the support capability of the terminal products to the 5G network architecture, mode frequency requirements, communication functions of the various modes, the voice scheme, product performance etc.

The MOU was signed by China Mobile Terminal Co. and China Mobile Research Institute, on behalf of China Mobile, and other 28 partners signed the cooperative memorandum (MOU).The ceremony was attended by Mr. Li Huidi, Senior VP – China Mobile Group represented by China Mobile,Mr. Xu Yibo, Deputy Vice President of Coolpad Group along with other senior leaders from the industry.

MOU defines the responsibilities of all parties, including the 5G terminal product form and the key time for the development of chips, terminals, components and instruments. Through the signing of MOU, the parties are committed to effectively promote the development of the 5G terminal industry and hatch products.

Coolpad has pledged full cooperation with other parties of the “5G terminal forerunner plan” in technical project research, application scene exploration, product form innovation and demonstration application promotion, together to establish the mature 5G terminal industry ecology together.

As one of the mainstream terminal vendors, Coolpad has built a team and started to study the 5G’s standard since 2012. Furthermore Coolpad spent 10% of its annual sales on standard and innovation research in 5G. So far, Coolpad has submitted over 800 patent applications in the field of 5G technology, and gained over 300 authorized invention patents. Coolpad also has obtained more than 120 authorized invention patents about D2D (Device To Device), which is one of important technology in 5G infrastructures. As a result, Coolpad is ranked 4th in the world as per number of patent applications filed for 5G technology innovations.

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