The Virus Will Be Remembered By The Role Of Internet And Social Media

Social media brings us closer at the time of ‘social distancing’. Is the virtual world closest to the real-world right now?

We may be social distancing physically but mentally and emotionally we are all still so connected. A pandemic like the COVID-19  may have restricted any form of outdoor activity and we are not complaining about it as much. There are two reasons for this: Surviving is a priority for all (of course!) and social media is not letting us miss out on anything!

While we also spend most of our time on streaming platforms such as Netflix, Hotstar, and Prime, there has been a definite change in the way we use social media. If there is one thing that we will remember in years to come about this pandemic is how we used social media to its full capacity. 

Here’s a lowdown!

More Active Users

Instagram and Facebook have seen a jump in their users, especially those that haven’t been active on social media for a while now. Since working from home is allowing people some time to themselves, they are able to make time for social media activities. There is an increase in the number of posts and stories where people are updating people on their lives and how they are spending quarantine. They are connecting with friends from all parts of life by commenting and responding to their posts or just messaging. 

A Place To Create Memories

Since the lockdown doesn’t allow for a celebration and gathering of people, unfortunate people that are having their birthdays, anniversaries, or any other milestone in life are not able to celebrate. Social media platforms are now a place where they are posting pictures of home celebration and letting their family and friends be a part of the celebration through video calling and messaging. All big announcements are being made on these platforms. 

Avoid The Feeling Of Loneliness

For those that are living away from family, social media is helping them stay more connected with their families. They are watching stories and posts put up their friends and family and realizing that they are not alone during this time. The number of calls and messages to family and friends has also increased because a time like this makes you value relationships more.

Summing Up…

Social media is a reflection of the physical world represented digitally. The pandemic will definitely remind us of how much it has helped us during this time. However, there is the drawback of misinformation spreading especially through these channels. The infodemic that comes with these platforms is spreading faster than even a pandemic. These platforms are now releasing new features and taking efforts to curb the spread of fake news on their channels. 

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