What Is Your Business’ Post-Lockdown Plan?

The digital transformation of your business should be a top priority once you get back to work. This article explores how you can do it effectively.
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The lockdown may be getting very difficult and defining a new normal but the world still has it better. How? When compared to previous epidemics and disastrous situations, this time we have the Internet to our rescue. A lot of businesses would have crumbled sooner and on personal levels, people would have not had such easy means for communication if it were not for the internet. 

The magnitude of the problem is not felt as much as it would have since we are all home, logged into our computers, managing our routine activities online. Now that the new normal has been established, we also need to start planning how to do things differently after the lockdown. The Government has announced the extension of the lockdown until May 3, however, with some relaxations. 

An exit out of the lockdown is being planned and one by one things will fall back to regular functioning. Since technology has come to rescue, a digital transformation journey is most needed post lockdown. As the IT sector prepares to begin operations from April 20, let’s see how these companies could transform digitally. 

Invest in digital

When you begin your operations physically again, make a budget and invest in digital transformation. Let go of the traditional way of doing things and equip your office with all the necessary equipment and mindset that would drive a digital transformation. 

The world has been already forced into digital transformation and when your customers step out again, they will have new digital expectations. Your finance team needs to conjure a solid financial plan that will support digital changes in your company and also your product or service. 

How can your company be made digital

While some physical stores are thriving without being digital, it is important each one of them find their place online. Post lockdown, you must think- “What can I provide digitally” and align your business automatically. It doesn’t only have to be about your products or services, it should also include internal/ external communication, working habits, etc. 

Choose the right people

Your business will need to scale up significantly after this and for that you need to have the right people. Choose people who are willing to change and are ready for digital transformation. Make teams that will help in ensuring an easy transition to digital activities. You need employees that are great at business and also employees that come with fresh talent and information on today’s digital world. Young employees will help you update your old patterns and also provide innovative ideas. 

Train your employees

This is very important. You have seen an unprecedented crisis and if you don’t learn from it, there is no way your business will survive it. Be ready for a contingency plan which accounts for how people should work in such scenarios. When your employees come back to work, help them in transforming digitally and equip them with tips that will help them work from home easily. 

Work on communicating effectively through virtual channels as well, so client meetings and internal discussions can be well managed. Be sure you are training your employees for such situations so they don’t feel lost if ever there was a situation like this to arise again. 

Identify the correct tools

Now that you have decided to invest in digital, be very precise about what kind of tools will benefit your organisation the most. A good internet connection, access to servers, portable equipment, communication platforms installed, virtual working, etc, would be some of your major requirements. 

You might also want to rework your business model and allow some people to work remotely if they are able to manage everything from home. In the short term, it ensures social distancing, and for the long term, you might be saving on costs!

Only businesses that evolve, survive…

The only reality of today’s world is staying update to survive. You can’t run a business around what has been working for you over the past few years. You have to identify what is changing and bend your business around it to still be relevant to your customers. Change is the only constant and you must always be ready for change. 

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