CYFIRMA introduces threat discovery and cyber-intelligence analytics platform with advanced AI

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CYFIRMA, a threat discovery and cyber-intelligence analytics company, today introduced DeCYFIR, a cloud-based, AI-powered cybersecurity platform. DeCYFIR is designed to empower businesses with the ability to discover threats from the deepest trenches in cyberspace, decode signals from noise to gain useful insights, and apply remedial actions against cyber criminals before an actual attack occurs.

The Covid-19 pandemic has increased the world’s digital dependency, and along with it, increased businesses’ vulnerability to cyberattacks. Massive data fraud and theft as well as cyberattacks have been ranked amongst the top five risks globally in the next 10 years in terms of likelihood, according to the Global Risks Report 2019 published by the World Economic Forum.

Kumar Ritesh, Founder and CEO of CYFIRMA said, “The global pandemic, trade wars and geo-political tensions that have brought great uncertainty to the economy have also become a catalyst triggering transformation in the ways we manage and operate technology. They have accelerated digitalisation and brought about the inevitable rise in intensity and sophistication of cyberthreats. Remote working has resulted in new attack vectors, integration of business applications with third-party systems can create new vulnerabilities, and employees unaccustomed and untrained in cybersecurity practices can heighten digital risk. Leaders with an effective defense strategy would know the threats that are coming towards them. I’m excited to introduce our enhanced threat discovery and cyber-intelligence platform, DeCYFIR, to businesses as we know cyber-intelligence is the new currency that will power growth and allow businesses to thrive in the post-pandemic digital economy.”

With the DeCYFIR platform, businesses identify potential threats at the early planning stage of cyberattacks. The platform picks up threat indicators as observed in deep/dark web, hackers’ forums, and other closed communities including our own research, and predicts upcoming attacks based on a set of probability mathematical models and analytical engines.

DeCYFIR provides quality intelligence to businesses with information with industry, geography and technology specific information. The platform has the unique capabilities to connect the dots between hackers, exploit campaigns, motivations, methods, and attack readiness. All these combined, offers businesses complete contextual visibility of their threat landscape.

DeCYFIR redefines quality cyber-intelligence in its unique ability to provide all three layers of insights (strategic, management and tactical). When the insights are harnessed in totality, business leaders can make accurate decisions and direct scarce cybersecurity resources to mitigate risks according to threat severity.

With DECYFIR, cyber threats and signals are automatically discovered and decoded. These insights are provided in real-time so that security teams are always kept a step head of their cyber adversaries.

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