Dell Technologies and Fujitsu Collaborate to Accelerate Open RAN Global Adoption

Dell Technologies and Fujitsu are working together to make it easier for communications service providers (CSPs) to accelerate the adoption and simplify the deployment of open radio access network (Open RAN) solutions globally.

The companies will pave the path for CSPs to design open networks with the technologies of their choice by collaborating on Open RAN solutions and initiatives, including:

  • Integration of Fujitsu’s carrier-grade Open RAN compliant radio units (RUs) with the Dell Open RAN Accelerator Card to give CSPs a high-performing choice of critical technology for more efficient open RAN deployments.
  • A joint reference architecture, combining Fujitsu’s expertise in open networking and radio access network software with Dell’s expertise in open technologies. The solution will include multi-band RUs, virtualized RAN and lifecycle management software from Fujitsu, and virtualized RAN and Open RAN Accelerator Cards from Dell.
  • Fujitsu’s 5G Open RAN Interoperability Lab in Richardson, Texas, will be connected to the Dell Open Telecom Ecosystem Lab in Round Rock, Texas, providing an extended ORAN test environment for CSPs, ecosystem partners, and new ORAN technology entrants.

“With the increase in edge computing applications expected with 5G, network operators need to consider new options like Open RAN to help make their networks more scalable, flexible, and cost-efficient,” said Bob O’Donnell, President, TECHnalysis Research. “A key way to achieve this is with more open ecosystems, which is why it’s important for industry leaders like Dell and Fujitsu to collaborate on new options that can match the performance of today’s traditional networks while lowering costs.”

Designed for Dell PowerEdge and other x86-based servers, the Dell Open RAN Accelerator Card is an inline Layer 1 processing card that brings the performance of today’s radio access networks to the Open RAN ecosystem. The card increases the server’s performance by processing all Layer 1 computations, allowing the server CPU to focus only on Layer 2 computations. Offloading the Layer 1 computations from the server CPU reduces the overall CPU requirements, power consumption and overall costs.

With Fujitsu’s industry-leading RUs, deployed in networks across the globe, multiple bands are supported in one compact unit to provide flexibility and choice. The radios’ high-efficiency amplifier technology helps operators reduce power consumption, supporting green initiatives with greater energy efficiency.

“With Fujitsu’s ORAN technology, we’re bringing more value to communication service providers with access to a broad choice of ecosystem partners and price performant technology for their open network deployments,” said Andrew Vaz, vice president of product management, Dell Technologies Telecom Systems Business. “We’re expanding our partner ecosystem to drive faster innovation and a less costly and more efficient path to open RAN, so network operators can deploy open, 5G networks with confidence.”

“Our collaboration with Dell will broaden the growing Open RAN ecosystem, giving operators more power to choose the best components for their network, regardless of manufacturer,” said Greg Manganello, vice head of the mobile systems business unit at Fujitsu. “The innovation and network efficiencies that are inherent with Open RAN technology will also contribute to a more connected and sustainable world.”

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