Demand for digitised ambulatory services goes up by 3x

Medulance Healthcare, a comprehensive end-to-end emergency response service provider, witnessed a 3x surge in the demand of digitised ambulatory services amid pandemic. Post the Covid-19 breakout in India, the Delhi-based startup recorded a jump of 3,50,000 new subscribers on the platform.

The uptick in demand is attributed to the ease of booking, tracking, and a timely diagnosis by Medulance emergency services and a dedicated helpline number. Due to the dearth of quality resuscitation manoeuvres services, the industry sees a behavioural shift amongst Indians to prefer private ambulatory services for emergency diagnosis. With the help of GPS-enabled ambulances and highly trained front-line staff, Medulance is supporting patients within 25 minutes of duration. It uses portable ECG machines and cameras inside the ambulance to relay patient data and images to the emergency room of hospitals so that doctors can give life-saving instructions to the paramedics. Banking upon its technological capabilities that allows fast booking and tracking of first point medical attention in no time, the company ensures a 100% response rate of emergency helpline calls.

Pranav Bajaj, Co-Founder of Medulance Healthcare India said, “India ranks second in the Covid-19 global rankings and records lack of ambulances to dispatch suspects to designated hospitals. Each minute of delay in starting emergency treatment reduces survival by 7-10 percent. The existing facility fails to cater to the growing demand for fast, qualitative, and accessible ambulatory services in India. We, at Medulance, aim to organise the end-to-end first point contact services with high-quality ambulances, trained drivers, and dedicated services. Our three-fold objective is a revolutionary step to build an emergency ecosystem.”

Founded in 2017 with an intent to save and assist lives, the startup is currently functional in 22 cities in India, namely Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Pune, Bangalore, and many more. It has assisted 50,000+ patients to date. Since its inception, the company has seen 4x growth in the demand for ambulatory services by individuals, organisations, and government. The company projects a 400 percent growth in the next FY.

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