Died of coronavirus, US man receives last rites over smartphone

A US man who died of new coronavirus was delivered last rites by the pastor over phone as his family was still in quarantine. Bill Pike from Connecticut died following a coronavirus diagnosis, reports CNN.

The nurse held the phone to Bill Pike’s ear as his pastor Reverend Peter Walsh from New Canaan delivered last rites, which he described as “the most beautiful litany of prayer.”

The pastor then “told him I loved him” and hung up so his family could say their goodbyes.

“It was a like a tapestry or quilt of our affections for him,” said Cathie Pike, Bill’s wife.

Bill Pike passed away about 10 minutes later after listening to last rites. According to the Pastor, it was the first time he ever delivered last rites over smartphone.

The pastor added that “while the effects of the virus are so devastating, there is something incredibly beautiful coming from this pandemic”.

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