Digitalizing the use of future-ready workspaces

By Akshat Tripathi, Head-Growth & Strategy, Qudify

During and post the pandemic, witnessing disruptions and innovations in technology has become quite normal. For instance, the majority of businesses across sectors have adopted a hybrid working style, making Flex workspaces the most sought-after choice to retain employees, improve productivity and optimize costs.

The workplaces have become more diverse and dynamic than ever. Security, Safety, and Sanitization have become even more important than before. Hence the adoption of advanced technology has become significant to implement the above 3 Ss seamlessly in the working spaces, especially when different kinds of people visit the premises daily.

Importance of visitor management system
A visitor management system (VMS) allows the building management to have control and visibility over anyone entering and leaving the premises. Which ensures a secure workplace for employees.

A VMS also enables the organizations to effectively handle the front desk without worrying about long queues for verification and manual entry into the registers; The organizations can even map multiple entry points with just one VMS.

Building security
A visitor management system may help to keep the staff and property secure by enabling the firms to add visitor information to their database, with their necessary identity documentation. This helps the management to identify them once they have arrived at the property. Additionally, the visitor management system can monitor and analyze the visitor’s movement on the premises.

With this approach, visitors are deterred from having malevolent intentions as they are aware that their identities can be easily found. Hence, creating a safer environment for the employees and the visitors.

In big manufacturing units, the visitors vary from daily wages to contractual laborers, who are with or without smartphones. In addition, these sites are also visited by multiple suppliers of raw materials, in-house staff as well as security personnel. Here it is crucial to keep a proper record of not only the manpower but also the movement of raw and manufactured goods in and out of the premises. A VMS captures the data of every person and keeps a tab on the total check-ins and checkouts at the end of the day. This also ensures only the relevant people are visiting and exiting the site by the end of their designated time slots. The same efficiency is demanded by the administration of a hostel or a PG which witnesses the visitors of in-house guests along with the in-house staff and the suppliers/service providers.

Enhances the visitor experience

A visitor management system (VMS) is crucial for giving visitors and staff a quick and easy way to register their information at the entry point. With a smart VMS, visitors can enter data using their smartphones, and scan a QR code using the contactless capability, rather than touching an unfamiliar screen. In addition, the firms can add their branded screensaver and logos to the sign-in screen to improve the brand's visibility and strengthen their relationship with visitors. Such detailing can significantly improve the visitor experience at any office.

During the visit of a CXO suite personnel, the admin can send them a pre-invite entry code, which will save them time at the entry.

Cost efficient
Firms these days want to increase their cost efficiency in every aspect of their management systems and operations. Visitor processing costs can be decreased by streamlining and speeding up the visitor registration process. Having a complete contactless QR-based Visitor Management System (VMS) automates the complete procedure, so your receptionist can concentrate on other duties, while seamlessly managing the check-ins and check-outs. Moreover, less paper gets utilized, which lowers the organization & stationery expenditures and saves the environment. Startups, MSMEs as well as big enterprise firms can even reduce the costs of RFID cards by switching to one QR-based platform for managing attendance.

Replaces outdated methods
In Grade A and B Corporate Towers, where there’s a huge footfall of people entering and leaving the premises, it becomes very difficult and dainty to keep proper track of visitors. Another challenge faced by the building management is to do a very filtered search of a visitor’s record from the pool of entries in the shortest and most accurate time. Not to forget with the proper verification and track record.

Owing to its user-friendly technology, a QR-based Visitor Management System (VMS) is adept at catering to the needs of corporate towers, hostels, hotels, and manufacturing units in the most efficient ways.

Introducing new technology also requires instructing receptionists, employees, and visitors on using the SaaS product. Therefore, the fact that visitors, employees, and administrators may all utilize visitor management software is a crucial advantage. The first goal is a seamless experience for all of the users and usability, visitor movements are recorded and monitored, reports are simple to pull at the click of a button, and administrators can see who and when is inside the building. Both guests and workers can sign in instantly using their own devices, and the technology itself is also exceedingly user-friendly.

Final Takeaway!

Organizations that care about security install visitor management systems that are smarter and more effective in reducing the risk of unauthorised entries, while maintaining a proper e-record of the movement on the premises.

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