Drone Startup Jatayu Unmanned Systems successfully tests indigenous combat UAV

Drone Start-up Jatayu Unmanned Systems recently tested an indigenously developed Combat Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (CUAV) successfully. In collaboration with the law-enforcement agencies in Mumbai, a field test was conducted earlier this month where a standard issue assault rifle weapon was live-fired mounted on a UAV platform.

Titled ‘Jatayu Aim-X’, the UAV was showcased and launched at the Bharat Drone Mahotsav held in New Delhi on May 27 and 28 earlier this year. The company has been building drones for defence applications since 2015 and calls its UCAV ‘India’s First Combat-Ready UAV’.

Jatayu’s Combat Drone is indigenously designed and developed using modern precision manufacturing techniques. The drone has an independent ground control station and can be controlled remotely via satellite communication as well.

Capt. Aman Johri, CEO of Jatayu Unmanned Systems, said, “Our Jatayu Aim-X is a fully ‘Make in India’ UAV platform built specifically for the Indian scenario. It’s been under development since 2016 and we’ve previously live-fired it successfully under trials with the Indian armed forces, obtaining an accuracy of 93% on target. India needs to be prepared for the threats of the future and we hope our UAV platform will help save critical lives on the frontlines. In the coming weeks, we’re due to test our platform with various other units of the Indian Army, as well. Team Jatayu is excited to see what the future holds for UCAVs.”

India has the potential to become a global drone hub by 2030, according to the civil aviation minister. India will need 100,000 drone pilots in the coming years to achieve this milestone. The government will encourage the rate of drone adoption among different sectors by partnering with the industry’s stakeholders.

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