e-con Systems is on an expansion spree with a new sales office in Bangalore

e-con Systems — a leading designer of embedded vision cameras for a range of industries, has recently opened its new center in Bangalore. The multi-national company already has a strong presence in several geographies like North America, Israel, South Korea, Japan, and Europe, among others. In India, it already has two development centers in Chennai. This new branch in Bangalore will primarily be a sales-focused premise where e-con can serve more customers in India.

After running the full-fledged profitable business for almost two decades, the founders of e-con Systems are now in the final stages of raising $10 million in funding from PE investors. This new investment will be utilized for an aggressive expansion spree, which will include geographical expansion of the sales force as well as strengthening and growing its R & D team. They are looking to grow their employee base by 50 percent. Currently, e-con Systems has a workforce of 400 people and is poised to grow to 600 people by the end of 2023.

e-con Systems is very bullish on the growth prospects for its embedded vision solutions. Along with the adoption of AI processing on the edge, embedded vision is transforming every single industry from manufacturing, agriculture, logistics, transportation, sports, health care, life sciences, and so on. These new technology applications are not only transforming the existing industries but also creating new markets and applications for embedded vision solutions. e-con Systems is a market leader in the segment and is very well positioned to leverage this opportunity for its growth and for creating value for every customer and the end-users.

Ashok Babu, Co-Founder and President, e-con Systems India Pvt Ltd, said, “We are seeing that Indian companies are leading the embedded vision-enabled transformation with their new products and solutions. For example, the e-commerce industry has germinated many companies in India offering autonomous mobile robots, vision guidance robots, etc, which are powered by embedded vision solutions, and with our new office in Bangalore, we will be part of the India Growth Story. Our customers can not only get the cameras from e-con but also customized solutions and complete system-level solutions to build their entire product”.

Started 18 years ago by Ashok Babu, Harishankkar and Maharajan Veerabahu, e-con Systems is one of the most well-renowned brands for camera solutions. e-con Systems has 250+ customers today actively using e-con’s cameras in mass production. About 70% of the business comes from The United States, 20% from The EU, and the remaining from Japan and Korea.

Today, e-con Systems has evolved into a leading OEM camera manufacturer with a robust global footprint, providing end-to-end camera solutions like MIPI camera modules, GMSL cameras, USB 3.1 Gen 1 cameras, stereo cameras, TOF cameras and more. The company is also powered by a strong partner ecosystem that enables it to offer end-to-end vision solutions, including sensor partners, ISP partners, and carrier board partners, to name a few.

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