Equifax Analytics partners with SysArc Infomatix to enable digital lending

Equifax specialises in a cloud based modular, agile and secure decision management system while SysArc Infomatix brings in with the expertise of providing visibility over the entire loan life cycle

Equifax Analytics Pvt. Ltd, a global information solutions provider of predictive analytics, today announced a union with SysArc Infomatix, a world-class lending solutions provider to drive digital transformation in financial institutions across India via their bundled LENDperfect and Interconnect® platforms.

Equifax Interconnect is a cloud based modular, agile and secure decision management system that is designed to help Indian financial institutions to transform complex data and decision strategies into actionable insights. Equifax InterConnect enables institutions to manage decision policies, data sources, models and analytics effectively, and to respond to market needs swiftly. InterConnect empowers business users through comprehensive management of business strategies and policy rules with limited technical involvement.

SysArc’s LENDperfect is a world-class solution designed by banking experts and seasoned IT professionals to manage and gain visibility over entire loan life cycle.

LENDperfect Retail, Agri and MSME are market-leading solutions that understand the needs of multiple lending institutions. The products have an automated workflow engine to ensure quick TAT and meticulous BPM standards across the entire lending operation.

“Today, the Indian market is travelling through digital transformation and a seamlessly integrate able solution to set up a straight through process is very important” said KM Nanaiah, managing director, Equifax Credit Information services Ltd. and Country Leader, Equifax India and MEA. “This complimentary partnership will bring to Indian financial institutions an integrated flexible platform combining Loan management system and Decision management system with ability to integrate multiple data sources and analytical tools seamlessly.”

Customer satisfaction lies in the ability to process a loan requirement and dispense it within a matter of minutes. The ability to process and sanction an increasing number of loan requests can help garner more applicants looking for quicker credit approval. People are in constant search of new innovative ideas that can ease complex tasks. The need to stay updated and inventive is essential to outgrow competition and earn loyalty of customers, said Sundar Garg, CEO SysArc. “Partnering with Equifax Analytics takes SysArc one step closer to making lending easy for both borrower and the lender. Data capturing, and instant verification is crucial to any loan processing. Much of this vision is fulfilled through the partnership by improving decision support through extensive yet instant underwriting process.”

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