EvoluteIQ Partners with InfoVision to Spearhead Multi-Domain Hyperautomation-led Digital Transformation Initiatives

InfoVision, a leading global IT services and solutions company announced its partnership with EvoluteIQ, a leading hyper-automation-enablement technology company. The strategic partnership will enable InfoVision to co-develop transformative business solutions across industries and domains by leveraging EvoluteIQ’s low-code/no-code hyper-automation enablement platform to create seamless and integrated customer journeys across disparate technologies and processes.

Through this partnership, InfoVision and EvoluteIQ will jointly focus on assisting enterprises to transform digitally by accelerating hyper-automation adoption across organisational functions and workflows to optimise business efficiency and maximise growth.

From automating workflows to providing actionable real-time data insights for effective decision-making, the eIQ platform offers a customisable and easy-to-use solution with a simple drag-and-drop facility. With use cases spanning across industries and domains, the eIQ Platform seamlessly connects people, processes, applications, and data for enterprises.

“This strategic alliance will help InfoVision t transfer the benefits of hyper-automation to its customers by driving efficiency, increasing the bottom line, and boosting productivity significantly,” says Sean Yelamanchi, President at InfoVision. “With EvoluteIQ’s proven low-code/no-code hyper-automation enablement platform, InfoVision becomes well-positioned to take the lead in developing enterprise-effective business transformation solutions. Additionally, faster and more accurate services will help improve customer experience resulting in increased customer loyalty and profitability.”

“We are thrilled to be partnering with InfoVision and enable end-to-end automation to their Fortune 100 clients across the US, Middle East and Asia Pacific. We are confident about the enterprise-level impact we can bring about together through this strategic alliance”, said EvoluteIQ Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder Sameet Gupte. “This is a step further in the right direction and will help organizations across domain verticals in Healthcare, Telecom, Banking and Insurance to unify siloed disparate technology investments and build a modernized and efficient digital enterprise engine”, Gupte added.

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