eZee Technosys launches modern revenue management system named eZee Mint for hotels

eZee Technosys, the hotel-tech provider in the South Asia region, has recently launched a smart and fast hotel revenue management software named ‘eZee Mint’ that optimises revenue through dynamic pricing. With this new offering, the company aims to complement the existing products and offer effective and timely up-gradable tech solutions that help the hospitality industry to achieve greater profit margins. eZee is looking forward to YoY growth of 47 per cent in license sales for the software.

It is designed and developed by considering the vastness of revenue management which includes multilevel property assessment, past and present business performance analysis, real-time inventory synchronization, compset rate analysis to deploy an intelligent pricing engine. eZee Mint is a globally recognised solution recommended for all kinds of accommodation businesses. Its comprehensive dashboard offers insights into the day at a single glance to make quick decisions. With the rise in technology, automated revenue management systems are quickly seeping into the traditional hospitality industry with the assurance of driving revenue and enhancing performance. eZee Mint is synonymous with the solutions the hospitality industry needs today. The strength of eZee lies in its potent R&D skills, technological prowess, industry expertise, and dynamic team members across the globe.

eZee’s revenue experts help users analyse the scope of improvements and monitor competitors. eZee Mint works upon a series of criteria including weekly occupancy, seasonality, lead time, demands, last-minute booking to calculate competitive rates for the available inventory. eZee Mint looks forward to aiding lodging businesses with better ARR and improved revenue. eZee has a representation of 22000+ happy clients, 159K software users across 170 countries supported by 200 plus partners. The addition of eZee Mint to the existing brand portfolio of the organisation is the extension of its service excellence and commitment towards customer satisfaction.

  Aeijaz Sodawala, CEO, eZee Technosys said, “eZee has been consistently adopting innovation in its software offerings to best suit the needs of the hospitality industry. We launched eZee Mint and eZee Panorama in the slack times of the pandemic. eZee Mint is the solution that has the highest potential to derive the best rates for the inventory and contribute to revenue optimisation.”

Hitesh Patel, Co-founder, eZee Technosys explained, “With the launch of eZee Mint, eZee justifies ‘hospitality in totality and totality in hospitality.’ eZee’s full suite of hospitality solutions gets upgraded with the most vital dynamic pricing software. Particularly, in the current situation, when businesses are striving for revival, eZee Mint could aid them. Small to mid-sized hospitality businesses that usually struggle to optimise their revenue will benefit from the accuracy and reliability of eZee Mint and eventually manage their revenue better. We are expecting the introduction of eZee Mint to have a positive impact on our overall business growth with an upward trajectory at about 74 per cent by 2023.”

 Harshdeep Khatri, CTO, eZee Technosys said, “Carrying innovation in its core, eZee has technology as its strongest suit. All hospitality tech products are built and upgraded to the latest tech to provide the ultimate user experience to our customers. Carrying the legacy forward, eZee Mint – secure and accurate dynamic pricing software, meticulously computes and updates prices within seconds. Hospitality businesses today need such prompt, upgradable software, and eZee Mint delivers it to them for ensuring ideal yield.”

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