Facebook helps NRI find family in Srinagar

When nothing else worked in the time of flood, Facebook proved to be of big help for Sheikh Rizwan Javeed, who lives in Los Angles and was trying to get in touch with his family in Indiranagar, Srinagar.

By Japjeet Duggal

More than 21,000 people like Rizwan connected through a Facebook group — ‘Kashmir Flood Information Channel’ — have been helping each other look for their families.

“I joined the group on September 7 when there were 800 members. Within days, the number increased to over 21,000,” said Javeed. “After six days, I was able to talk to my father. I can’t define the moment I heard his voice…I have no words to explain the problems my family had to go through.”

“I was scared. I asked all my friends in other parts of India to help me. Some of them were a great help…I have found my family, but there are so many others in the Facebook group who are still looking for their families,” he added.

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