FB, Twitter, Google To Form An Alliance Aimed At Curbing Fake News

The menace of fake news is demanding some serious measures to be taken and social media companies are not behind. Facebook, Google, Twitter, and ByteDance are actively looking at forming an alliance to curb fake news. 

The government is already in talks about regulations that will censor content and these platforms are willing to create an industry-wide alliance. The alliance, as reported by a national daily, is to be named Information Trust Alliance (ITA) that will bring together fact-checkers, digital platforms, academia and civil society to work on controlling the spread of harmful content. 

The Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) have been in discussions with top social media platforms to bring together an alliance. The associate vice president of IAMAI, Bhanupreet Saini, said that while the social media platforms will have their own policies, the alliance is aimed at seeing how to curb news better. 

The industry of online media platforms and startups are preparing themselves for the proposed amendments to be made to the Information Technology (IT) Act. The current regulations in the Act protect technology companies’ for the content posted on them. The new law might be more towards fighting fake news and allowing more responsible content on the platform. 

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