Flock’s migration tool facilitates seamless transition from Slack; reduces team collaboration costs by 60 percent

Flock provides customers with a wider range of features and functions, faster engagement, easy application development and integration capabilities

Flock, the fastest and slickest team collaboration and chat platform with users across 25,000 global organizations, today announced the availability of its native user migration tool to help Slack users seamlessly transition to the Flock platform. With the help of the tool, Slack users can migrate to Flock while retaining all data, messages, contacts and chat history. Additionally, Slack teams that migrate to Flock will save approximately 60 percent in communication and collaboration costs, from $8.00 (Slack) to $3.00 (Flock) per user per month for premium accounts.

In most organisations, a team messaging and collaboration platform is the central hub of all conversations and operational activities, as well as a repository of critical information. Until now, Slack has been considered the leading platform, despite major players such as Microsoft (Teams) and Facebook (Workplace) recently gaining a market share. However, within two years of its launch, Flock has become a significant challenger product as it has seen 200% year-on-year growth and has been the first in its space for multiple initiatives. For example, it recently became the first messenger to release its entire platform in multiple languages.

Flock’s additional features, functionalities and ease of use has compelled new and existing users of other collaboration platforms to make the switch to Flock. However, despite demand for new innovations, Slack customers have been apprehensive about transitioning from one collaboration ecosystem to another, with the possibility of data loss during the process being a primary concern.

Flock’s user migration tool was built to overcome this challenge and to ensure comprehensive transition from Slack to Flock. Slack administrators can initiate the native user migration tool by clicking on the “Import Teams” tab in the Admin Panel, which will import the following data directly into Flock:

  • All contacts and teams
  • Public and private channels
  • All channels and chats
  • Chat history
  • Shared files, content and URLs
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