Frontier Communications opts for F Secures's personal cloud service

Frontier Communications, one of America’s largest providers of communications services to rural and mid-sized communities, has chosen F-Secure’s personal cloud service to serve its’ customers’ digital content needs.

The new cloud service, which Frontier has dubbed Content Anywhere and offers as part of its Frontier Secure suite of products and services, is an enhancement from F-Secure’s previous online backup service.

Consumers are creating digital content at an astounding rate using smartphones, cameras, tablets and more. All too often this content is scattered across an array of devices and online services. With a personal cloud, Frontier’s subscribers have a single safe and secure place to store their personal photos, videos, music and other documents.

The press release says, F-Secure’s cloud is unique in allowing consumers to combine content from other online services, such as Facebook and Dropbox, in one place. The content can be accessed, streamed and shared via smartphones, tablets, laptops and computers. The customers of Frontier Secure can be sure their casino pa natet content is safe.

“F-Secure’s online backup service, offered through our Frontier Secure suite of products, has been a great success for us. We are pleased to offer our customers this exciting new personal cloud service, which supersedes the other offerings out there,” says Brent Heilman, Director, Program Office at Frontier Secure. “We strive to make each customer experience exceptional, and part of that is giving them value-added services that enrich and simplify their lives. Our customers will love Content Anywhere’s engaging new features such as group spaces, collections and cloud aggregation, all designed to help them get the most out of their personal content.”

“Backup services provide a strong sense of security for digital consumers. However, user needs have progressed a great deal in the past 3-4 years,” says Jyrki Tulokas, Head of Product Management and Business Development at F-Secure. “Frontier’s new personal cloud service is simple and intuitive to use from any device. Users will appreciate that the service develops constantly with new, life-enriching capabilities. And in a world with constant threats to our digital security and privacy, F-Secure’s security expertise is part of what makes our cloud stand out and makes Frontier Secure’s products exceptional.”

F-Secure offers safe cloud services through more than 100 operators globally. F-Secure securely stores billions of photos, videos, documents, and other files for millions of end customers. F-Secure’s ever-increasing cloud content currently makes up tens of petabytes of data.

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