GajShield highlights the importance of robust Cybersecurity products in the Healthcare Industry

Over the past decade, the cyber threat to the Indian healthcare industry has increased dramatically, along with the sophistication of cyberattacks. The Healthcare Industry and the Indian government both recognize this new era. Cyberattacks are especially concerning for the healthcare industry because they can directly endanger patient safety and health in addition to system and data security.

GajShield wants to align cybersecurity and patient safety initiatives to help the organisation safeguard patient data and privacy. It plans to ensure the continuity of effective delivery of high-quality care by mitigating disruptions that can negatively impact clinical outcomes.

According to GajShield’s Cybersecurity experts, healthcare organisations are attractive targets for cybercriminals. Cybercriminals can easily sell patient medical and billing information on the darknet for insurance fraud. Ransomware attacks can lock down patient care and back-office systems, making lucrative ransom payments likely. Moreover, Internet-connected medical devices are susceptible to tampering.

The growing number of healthcare-related cyberattacks indicates that smaller health providers are falling victim to cybercriminals at an increasing rate. They must protect their networks, databases, and endpoints from attack. They need data-driven cyber products to protect private financial and medical information about their patients and employees.

GajShield Infotech is one of India’s most recognized network security solutions and data security providers. Its data-first approach drives its innovative products and services. Tailormade security solutions provided by GajShield help the healthcare industry understand real-time strategies adopted by cybercriminals and will familiarise them with best practices for protecting their information and systems.

The best defence begins with elevating the issue of cyber risk as an enterprise and strategic risk-management issue. GajShield provides its healthcare clients with regular updates on the organisation’s strategic cyber risk profile and whether adequate measures are being used to mitigate the constantly evolving cyber risk.

GajShield’s products and services instil a patient safety-focused culture of cybersecurity. It enables healthcare organisations to leverage their existing culture of patient care to impart a complementary layer of cybersecurity. GajShield promotes a culture of cybersecurity where the staff members view themselves as proactive defenders of patients and their data. It has a tremendous impact on mitigating cyber risk to the organisation and patients.

GajShield’s comprehensive spectrum of innovative products has helped to safeguard enterprises and critical government infrastructure from advanced cybersecurity risks. GajShield’s innovative products provide in-depth threat intelligence and security expertise. They provide a complete product line that comprises security services, data solutions, and assistance to manage advanced security risks effectively.

Mr. Sonit Jain, CEO of GajShield Infotech, said, “Healthcare organisations continually face evolving cyber threats that can put patient safety at risk. We think it’s crucial to integrate cybersecurity into the hospital’s current enterprise, risk management, governance, and business continuity frameworks as patient safety, corporate risk, and strategic priority. Our Data Leak Prevention solution identifies, monitors, and protects the data in motion on your network through deep content inspection and contextual security analysis of transactions. It is important to constantly educate employees on developing security risks like phishing scams and social engineering, as well as training them on what does and does not constitute a HIPAA violation.”

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