Garuda Aerospace drones to be deployed in Chamoli rescue op

Drone-as-a-Service company Garuda Aerospace will deploy three drones in rescue and relief operations spearheaded by National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) in relation to the Nanda Devi Deluge in Uttarakhands Chamoli District, said a top company official.

“We were approached by NDRF to deploy three drones in the rescue and relief operations at Uttarakhand’s Chamoli disaster,” Agnishwar Jayaprakash, Managing Director of city-based Garuda Aerospace, told IANS.

He said the company will deploy three types of drones to support the NDRF’s rescue and relief measures.

Jayaprakash said one drone will be for video surveillance to assess the extent of damage caused and relaying real time information to ground forces. It will also provide information on the trapped workers of NTPC who were building a power plant there.

The other two drones will be used for stringing cables and for delivery of food and emergency supplies, he added.

The stringing drone will lay cables from one point to another to transfer materials while the drone for delivery of food and emergency supplies can lift up to 20kg, Jayaprakash said.

“The delivery drones were used during Covid pandemic for spraying disinfectants and also for spraying pesticides during anti-locust operations,” he said.

“Our team of three drones and four pilots are already in Dehradun and will be airlifted by the NDRF to Joshimath to start drone operations soon,” Jayaprakash said.

He said the video surveillance drone will provide live high definition transmission and will have flash lights to be used in tunnels or dark areas.


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