Group video calls now arrive on Google Nest Hub Max

Google has rolled out group calling feature on Nest Hub Max where users can make group video calls with Duo and Google Meet. Currently available in the US, the Nest users can spontaneously check in with family or friends for up to 32 people on Duo or work meetings with up to 100 people via Meet, with just a simple voice command from Google Assistant.

To get started, you can create groups in the Duo mobile app, and from there just ask your Hub Max, “Hey Google, make a group call,” and tap on the Duo group you want to connect with.

With auto-framing, you can freely move around your kitchen or living room during your Duo video call, while staying in view.

“In addition to Nest Hub Max, Duo group video calling is available on LG XBOOM AI ThinQ WK9 Smart Display, JBL Link View and Lenovo’s 8 inch and 10 inch Smart Displays,” the company informed.

Meet group video calling is also launching first on Nest Hub Max.

The users can also connect with up to 100 people on Google Meet for fitness classes, book clubs, community gatherings or whatever else you’ve got planned.

If you want to call into a meeting, say “Hey Google, join a meeting” then tap the “enter a meeting code” option and type it in to join.

“We’re also rolling out beta support for G Suite accounts, so you can host work meetings on your personal Nest Hub Max,” said Google.

Google, however, said the Meet integration does not yet support the auto-framing features of the Nest Hub Max at the moment.

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