HDFC Securities launches AI enabled stock screener

AI enabled real-time stock and sector trend analysis with “Radar” by HDFC securities

HDFC securities announces the launch of ‘Radar’ – a first of its kind in the Indian brokerage industry that provides a visual representation of screener events which graphically displays the price movements of a particular stock/sector – providing a bearish or bullish sentiment analysis. This graphical illustration identifies certain patterns in the movement of a stock/security that can guide traders to invest based on quick and informed decisions on the market movements. RADAR, currently, has 18 such pattern-finders or what the firm calls as ‘indicators’, out of which 9 are bullish indicators and 9 are bearish indicators. A few of these indicators are Day’s High, Break Previous Day’s High, Vol & Price Gainers, Day’s Low, 52 Week Low, Gap Down, and many more.

The entire circle of the RADAR is made up of these indicators (mentioned above) forming blocks. These blocks indicate the total number of stocks falling under the particular indicator at a certain time during the trading hours in a day. So RADAR will constantly monitor on its screen, all the equity cash stocks, and, whenever any stock qualifies under the specific pattern-finder, it will include that stock in the block for that time horizon. To make it more comfortable, it also has colour classification for these indicators in the circle itself where the brightest colours (green for bullish sentiments and red for bearish sentiments) show maximum number of stocks falling under that pattern-finder at that certain time. More to this, one can sort the movements of specific sectors and split them individual stock wise as well.

Lastly, to help traders take swift decisions on the stocks based on these pattern-finders, RADAR also lets one check out the technical charts of those stocks for double confirmation and analysis, and lets them trade instantly through this feature.

Adding to the launch of Radar, Sammeer Saurabbh, CTO – HDFC securities added “We deeply integrated Machine Language (ML), Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to offer advanced charting and comprehensive technical analysis tools, for traders and investors. We have made sure that customers can track the markets and transact on the same screen by leveraging trend and momentum analysis. We believe that there is plenty of data available and by using this AI platform, we are attempting to help our customers extract more meaningful conclusions behind a trade. Radar will be having future versions as well where we will be taking the experience for the customers to a different level. “

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