HealthTap Announces Free COVID-19 Virtual Doctor Visits In Partnership With Doctors Across U.S.

Aims to Increase Access to Much-Needed Telemedicine Services for Those Without Healthcare or Established Doctor Relationships

HealthTap, a virtual primary care provider, today announced that it will offer a free virtual doctor visit to anyone in the U.S. who is worried about symptoms that could be related to COVID-19. Doctors from the company’s network of 90,000 US board-certified physicians are volunteering their time to provide these visits by text, phone, or video. HealthTap uses proprietary technology similar to those of ride-sharing and delivery companies to match patients with doctors in real time and at scale.

The company will continue to offer one free virtual visit per person for as long as it has capacity. HealthTap is calling on all U.S.-based doctors with active medical licenses in good standing to join this important effort.

“HealthTap is in a unique position to help because of the generosity of volunteer doctors, the fact that our product is accessible to anyone with an internet connection, and our ability to match patients with doctors,” said Geoff Rutledge, M.D., chief medical officer of HealthTap. “Volunteering to provide virtual care with HealthTap is a way for doctors to do tremendous good in a time of crisis, especially for those doctors who aren’t able to work at a clinic or hospital.”

Hundreds of HealthTap doctors have already volunteered to provide “COVID consults,” and all HealthTap doctors get ongoing training on the latest medical protocols for providing COVID-19-related care. HealthTap is completely independent of insurance benefits and does not require a previous or existing doctor relationship.

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