ICICIdirect launches ICICIdirect iLearn

ICICI Securities (I-Sec), which operates ICICIdirect, a digital platform for various financial services, today announced the launch of ‘ICICIdirect iLearn,’ a learning app that will provide customers with easy access to learning content curated around several financial products and market topics. This will equip customers with the robust knowledge required to better assist them in their investment journey.

In a country like India where more people are gradually transitioning towards investment in the markets, a major proportion of them are still unfamiliar of the nitty-gritty of financial or investment tools. According to recent data published by BSE, the total number of investors as on June, 2022 stood at ~109 million, a 51% increase Y-o-Y. Out of the overall customer base of I-Sec, millennials and Gen Z formed more than 80% of its active customer base in the past three years. Additionally, 85% of customers acquired by I-Sec in Q4-FY22 were from tier II & III cities.

‘ICICIdirect iLearn’ aims to familiarise investors with the knowledge on financial or investment tools by including both, standard and contemporary content, catering to the requirement of beginners as well as evolved investors. The app currently hosts more than 550 plus content pieces across various sections. The content will be updated on regular intervals on different topics including current market developments.

The examples and analogies given on the app would simplify complex financial concepts and enhance the users’ investment acumen, thus building their confidence and helping them make informed decisions about investing their money.

Commenting on the launch, Mr. Vishal Gulechha, Head – Retail Equity, ICICIdirect, said, “For decades now, ICICI direct has been imparting financial knowledge to Indian investors through various awareness programmes in a physical format. As the world moves towards digitalisation, we are happy to launch ‘ICICIdirect iLearn’ which is aimed at providing investors with well-researched and simplified content curated by our experts to help them make informed investment decisions. This content will be updated on a regular basis, providing the investors with fresh perspective.”

“We also plan to introduce ‘iCommunity’ on the platform soon that will enable an opportunity of learning through fellow investors. With our constant efforts to reach out to a larger audience and educate them on the importance of financial literacy, we hope that ICICIdirect iLearn will empower investors plan and achieve their desired goals,” he further added.

The app is available in Android as well as iOS systems and has content from ICICIdirect’s inhouse as well as reputed third party content creators. Over the coming months and quarters, the content, which is multimedia in nature, would cover all aspects of investing, protection as well as loans.

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