Indeed’s data reveals huge demand for creators and influencers

Indeed, a leading global matching and hiring platform, announced that there has been a significant increase in job postings and clicks related to the terms “content creators” and “influencers.” The platform reported a massive 117% increase in job postings and a 75.30% increase in clicks (Job seeker interest) underscoring the massive growth in India’s internet consumption[1].

In the digital age, where brands rely on digital platforms to communicate and engage with consumers, the roles of influencers and content creators have evolved beyond mere jobs. They now offer avenues for creative expression and far-reaching impact. This is reflected in the job market, with increasing postings and clicks related to these roles.

Saumitra Chand, Career Expert, Indeed India, said, “While it is still possible to be a successful content creator or influencer on your own, it is becoming increasingly common for businesses to hire professionals in these roles. This trend is likely to continue in the future, as the demand for content creation continues to grow. As more and more people go online, businesses are looking for ways to reach their target audience through these channels. This is creating a surge in demand for content creators and influencers with the skills and experience to create engaging and informative content and this trend is likely to grow. If you’re a talented content creator or influencer, there’s never been a better time to be in India.


Bangalore is the influencer marketing capital of the country

Indeed’s data says the city is home to the highest number of job postings for influencer marketing roles, with a 16% share of the market. This is followed by Delhi-NCR and Mumbai, with 9% and 7.5% of the market share respectively. Jaipur, Surat, and Indore have the least number of job postings for influencer marketing roles, with less than 1% share each.

This trend is likely due to Bangalore’s status as an IT hub and home to a large number of startups. These businesses are increasingly using influencer marketing to reach their target audience, and they are hiring professionals with the skills and experience to manage these campaigns.

Share of jobs for influencers and content related roles
Top 6 cities % share of job postings Top 6 cities % share of job searches
Bangalore 16% Delhi-NCR 10.5%
Delhi-NCR 9.5% Bangalore 9.2%
Mumbai 7.5% Chennai 7%
Chennai 5.6% Mumbai 6.9%
Pune 5.4% Pune 5.05%
Hyderabad 5% Hyderabad 5.01%
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