Innova Solutions taps into the growing GCC market, launches Innova Orion

Innova Solutions, on the 1st of April, announced the launch of a new India-specific practice and service offering for the burgeoning Global Capability Centers (GCC) market: Innova Orion. This is aimed at strengthening the company’s positioning in the Indian market and capitalising on the growing influx of GCCs. With the launch of Innova Orion, the company aims to provide a comprehensive catalogue of services designed to assist GCCs in their journey from incubation to maturing their presence in India and becoming an innovation powerhouse.

Innova Orion is set to provide customised services to GCCs, addressing their varying needs at different value chain stagesmaturity, tenure, and operating models. These services include:

  • Advisory and consulting: Provide strategic guidance and expert advice to support GCCs during ideation and incubation stages, facilitating a strong foundation for future growth and innovation.
  • Implementation and transition: Help optimise operations and processes for improved efficiency and effectiveness, enabling GCCs to enhance their performance.
  • Specialisation and optimisation: Drive the evolution of GCCs by establishing and managing centres of excellence (COEs)fostering continuous improvement and specialisation.
  • Transformation and innovation: Empower GCCs to become dynamic innovation hubs by orchestrating value across diverse innovation ecosystems and amplifying their engineering capabilities in areas such as product development, R&D, and domain expertise.

Regarding the launch of this new offering, Pradeep Yadlapati, President, APAC SBU, and India Country Head, Innova Solutions said, “According to market research, India’s share in the global GCC market is expected to more than double by 2030. With GCCs maturing across the region, India presents an alluring proposition for organisations seeking to expand their reach and capabilities. Hence, the time was ripe for a structured practice and offering that consolidates the multi-dimensional areas including technical, industry and process prowess; our customised service offering plugs this gap and promises to play a key role in helping GCCs leverage their full potential.”

He added, “Innova Orion will empower GCCs with tailored and versatile solutions, leveraging our adaptable assets for unparalleled growth, innovation and success, while driving enterprise value. Innova’s vast experience will help in transforming GCCs by enabling them to drive value to the parent organisation by bringing to bear its investments in reusable assets accelerating incubation to maturing their services/products.“

Raj Sardana, Chief Executive Officer, Innova Solutions, highlighted the significance of Orion stating that, “As the tech industry continues to grow rapidly, the GCCs will play a more critical role transitioning from traditional to transformational roles. Just as Orion is used as navigational aid, Innova Orion will serve as a guiding force for GCCs navigating them on their journey, providing customised solutions that evolve with their business and growth expectations.”

As per the recent Nasscom report on GCCs, India is emerging as the leading destination for advanced product engineering and engineering research and development (ER&D). By 2030, more than half of the world’s top 2000 companies are expected to have their GCCs in India, with a projected total of over 2400 centres. India will hold almost two-thirds of the global market share for these centres, particularly in IT, technology services, and banking and finance.

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