KPMG in India and dotin partner to create talent management solution

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KPMG in India has announced the release of its talent lifecycle management, the AI platform. Created in collaboration with dotin Inc. This AI platform provides visibility into the various stages of sourcing, screening, engaging and upskilling talent. It also enhances diversity, equity, and inclusion for any enterprise workforce. The platform is aligned to the “Future of Work” theme.

The AI platform from KPMG in India is leveraging dotin Inc.’s AI engine to oversee end-to-end talent lifecycle management. The AI platform is intended to assist recruiters, hiring managers, talent development leaders, and company decision-makers with nurturing and growing talent, assessing their resilience and determining their future readiness.

This platform uses machine learning and natural language processing to objectively evaluate technical skills, personality traits, strengths, culture compatibility, workplace values and learning styles of individuals. This aids management in identifying traits related to skill alignment, leadership and performance development, career management and team constitution – thus quickly determining overall talent alignment per opportunity. The technology also utilises dotin Inc.’s capabilities to gather insights related to employee makeup, thereby easily determining the gender and ethnic diversity and equity within a given workforce.

Ganesh Iyer, Founder and CEO, dotin Inc said, “This collaboration with KPMG in India will enable our technology to capture the true personality, evolving technical skills, and resilience of every talent within an organisation. Best of all, it’s done without introducing bias or subjectivity, at scale, to enable seamless talent management.”

The technology spans a wide range, providing insights into how effectively one can engage potential hires, giving managers data to build more synergistic teams, and recommending potential training tailored to the individual’s needs. It even allows the management to analyse potential advancement opportunities for talent based on their performance and projected readiness.

“We designed the AI platform to scale beyond hiring and management to cover all dimensions of the workforce, helping our customers be better aligned to the future of work,” said Sachin Arora, Partner and Head, Digital Lighthouse (Analytics, AI and Data), KPMG in India. “Closely monitoring the entire talent lifecycle has become a critical component to ensure the enterprise stays profitable and productive.” he added.

Vishalli Dongrie, Partner and Head, People and Change, KPMG in India said, “Every enterprise is successful only due to the talent they hire and retain as it has a direct financial impact. Post Covid-19, managing candidates and employee experience virtually has become far more critical than we ever thought.  KPMG AI platform solves this very problem seamlessly across the talent life cycle at scale. Organizations now can improve their top and bottom line leveraging such platforms.”

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