Kunal Bahl Of Snapdeal To Lead CII’s E-commerce Committee

The committee is likely to focus on resolving the policy issues that would be helping in accelerating the growth of exports through e-commerce platforms

Kunal Bahl, Snapdeal’s co-founder and CEO has taken over as the Chairman of its e-commerce for the year 2020-21. This was being said by the Confederation of Indian Industry. The intermediary status of e-commerce platform has figure high on the immediate agenda of the committee, as per a CII release. This was also as per an upcoming e-commerce policy. 

Bahl said that while as a nation, everyone is living through unprecedented times, and also it’s precisely in times like this that one needs to come together and also work for the larger good. He further noted that accelerated digitisation in day to day lives had started to blur the demarcation between those that like transact online and those that prefer the experience of dealing through physical channels. 

Last week, in its meeting, the Committee had resolved to use the growth and momentum of India’s e-commerce sector in order to support the revival of the Indian economy. It’s also noted that the committee would be focussing on resolving policy issues that would be helping in accelerating the growth of exports via e-commerce platforms. 

Amid all this, the CII said that the ongoing year is a pretty much important one for the e-commerce sector due to the fact that various key policies, rules, and regulations are under discussion and finalisation. The CII further said that the committee would be working closely with the government in order to support harmonisation of various laws under finalisation with an aim to ensure the ease of business and compliance for the industry. 

Lastly, it concluded by saying that the promotion of exports via e-commerce is one of the explicitly stated objectives of India’s upcoming e-commerce policy. Additionally, measures would be taken to enable protection for the gig workers, that are majorly impacted by the business disruption which were included as a key priority for this year. 

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