Learnbay Introduces the Domain Specialization Program to Help Professionals Make Sustainable Career Transition

Learnbay, an edtech start-up offering new-age tech upskilling and reskilling programs, has introduced a new feature of Domain Specialisation on its platform. The feature guarantees a successful career transition for aspirants regardless of their professional backgrounds.

Learnbay Provides domain specialized programs crafted for working professionals to help them improve their existing expertise based on current industry advancements. The courses with domain specialization features are structured such that they can be completed within 8 to 12 months. They also enable students to work on the latest capstones in their chosen domain and secure a project experience certificate from IBM. So far, more than 1,600 students have had successful careers with the help of specialized training. With a target of approximately 300 students per month, Learnbay aims to upskill and reskill working professionals towards a smooth career transition.

Learnbay’s disruptive suite of up-to-date technical courses and job-oriented training is
revolutionizing the Indian e-learning space. The bootstrapped company highlights the profiles of its students and gets them recognition from renowned businesses worldwide. Nearly 85% of Learnbay students hail from non-IT-related fields, including banking, retail, and healthcare, among others. Commenting on the same, Abhishek Gupta, Co-founder and CBO of Learnbay, said, “We, as an edtech community, believe in personalized learning programs, modules, and assistance.

Our goal is to provide hands-on learning with project-based experience. We help them build a strong profile and prepare to crack interviews as well. The transition to domain specialized programs will assist aspirants in developing meaningful careers.” Learnbay provides employment recommendations and helps students land the top job opportunities at major MNCs. In the event of failed placements, there is also a money-back guarantee in place. With this feature, aspirants can continue to focus on their skill set without getting worried about any kind of monetary losses.

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