Legal tech startup EasyInherit launched to simplify inheritance process

The Covid-19 pandemic has triggered a sense of uncertainty in our mind and that is directly affecting our life. The situation is now such that it has led us to start thinking about writing a will which we Indian do not take in a positive light. But, you can say it is an effect of the pandemic that the youngsters are also pondering about will-writing. Considering the current situation and witnessing the surge in will-writing amid the crisis, a Bengaluru based legal tech start-up has been launched to give customers an online solution for legal inheritance issues.

It has been seen that the customers due to the lack of knowledge about the process usually connect with legal firms that can be expensive, time consuming and exhausting. EasyInherit, an online platform, helps you to solve all problems related to inheritance portfolios, wills, transmission and probates. Apart from this, the highly trained professionals will be at your beck and call to make sure you are taken care of in case of the most unfortunate of situations.

Soubir Bose, Co-Founder & CTO EasyInherit said, “EasyInherit was born out of a desire to see his family, and many like his, navigate the legal quagmire of inheritance planning in India.”

Sejal Seth, Co-Founder & CEO EasyInherit said, “EasyInherit is my vision to make inheritance for loved ones become a source of ‘joy and pride’ – like it’s meant to be.”

The digital process makes it more relevant now when the world is in the grips of Covid-19 pandemic. Digital archiving, a state of the art feature, helps develop an inheritance portfolio and keep all important documents safe in a DigiLocker for free. Besides this, DigiLocker also has a “Just In Case” list, which is a compilation of all your emergency contacts in case of different emergencies. In the event of any situation, your kin will gain access to the list and will be able to act appropriately.

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