Logitech bets big on its unique support service, Logitech Select

While the impact of the pandemic is coming down, and life is slowly turning back to normal, some habits have not changed. Collaboration solutions are still a preferred option with many office meetings still happening on the virtual mode, especially for meetings across cities or continents. Several of us have gone through situations when a particular important board level VC meeting is stuck because of technical glitches.

Understanding the importance of support specifically for collaboration solutions, Logitech has a service called ‘Logitech Select’. This is a comprehensive service plan that provides ultra-responsive 24/7 support, a dedicated customer success manager (for a service plan of more than 40 rooms), product replacement and onsite spares. More importantly, the pricing for the Select plan, is according to room size and not per device. This gives enterprises the flexibility to add additional devices, as per their business need.

Says Anand Lakshmanan, Head of B2B, Logitech India, and Southwest Asia, “When board room discussions are involved, the margin of error is non-existent. In April 2022, since we have launched this service, we have seen huge interest and adoption. Collaboration is a unique space, and there are extremely few IT professionals who completely understand how to solve an issue across hardware and software ecosystems. This service gives our customers complete peace of mind, and gives them access to a highly trained team who has expertise in not only devices, but also operating systems and diverse applications such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Google Meet.” This is supported by remote monitoring and device management, which also provides rich insights into device and room usage.

Service is the most important glue for customer retention, and brands like Logitech have shown how a unique service that solves customer issues, can be a huge market opportunity.

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