LSI holds top slot in worldwide SSD Controller earnings

LSI Corporation today announced it achieved the no. 1 position in worldwide solid state drive (SSD) controller revenues for 2012, according to figures recently released by Forward Insights, a leading IC market research firm. According to the report, LSI grew its revenue share in 2012 to 38%, nearly twice the share of the closest competitor.  
SSD controllers or flash storage processors (FSPs), are the intelligence that manages flash memory in SSDs and PCIe flash adapters such as the LSI Nytro product portfolio. LSI SandForce FSPs deliver the performance, endurance and power efficiency that are helping to drive the rapid adoption of flash-based storage solutions in cloud, enterprise and client computing.
“LSI’s unique ability to offer customers standard and custom solutions is a strong competitive advantage in this space.Their no. 1 position in SSD controllers is another milestone demonstrating their commitment and traction in the fast-growing flash marketplace, and we anticipate their overall leadership to continue with the expected launch of their new controller later this year,” said Greg Wong, Founder & Principal Analyst, Forward Insights.

LSI SandForce FSPs are built on a complete solution that includes custom silicon, firmware, software, tools and turnkey reference designs, enabling fast time-to-market for SSD manufacturers. LSI FSPs also offer award-winning performance, enterprise reliability, built-in data security and advanced power management capabilities.

LSI also offers unique custom capabilities, and engagements include multiple generations of
implementations with top-tier SSD and NAND flash media providers who turn to LSI for proven storage IP and expertise as well as its track record of delivering high-quality, complex silicon products. 
“Our leadership in SSD controllers reflects our comprehensive solutions portfolio and the multiple ways we can engage with customers to help them rapidly gain the benefits of flash for their applications. FSPs with LSI DuraClass technology provide best-in-class endurance, performance and power efficiency and are seeing wide adoption as customers in enterprise, cloud and client computing increasingly turn to flash,” said Phil Brace, Executive Vice President, Storage Solutions Group, LSI Corporation. 

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