L&T Finance’s PLANET App Achieves Impressive Growth with 2.9 Million Downloads, Boosted by ZEUX Innovation’s User-Centric Experience

L&T Finance’s PLANET (Personalised Lending & Assisted NETworks) application which has been powered by the user-centric experience designed by ZEUX Innovation has recorded significant growth in online transactions to ~6 Lac and the app downloads stand at 2.9 million. In fact, just within a few months of its debut, the app had received over 35,000 reviews and had a rating of 4 plus on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

L&T Finance has partnered with India’s leading UI/UX Design Company, ZEUX Innovation, to provide design assistance and increase user engagement and streamline the application process.

Commenting on the partnership, Abhishek Sharma, Chief Digital Officer, L&T Finance said, “L&T Finance is committed to becoming a Fintech@Scale as part of the Lakshya 2026 plan. One of the cornerstones of creating a Fintech@Scale is the customer-facing application – the PLANET app. Since its launch, the app has constantly scaled up and generated commendable opportunities for both our customers as well as the company. And in this journey ZEUX has been an able partner, providing UX Innovation and breakthrough design, thereby leading to an enhanced customer engagement and experience.”

The three key anchors of the PLANET app – stakeholder engagement, loan ecosystem immersion, and user-focused app design – were drawn and implemented by ZEUX. In addition to handling user flow creation based on standards and survey data, the UI UX specialised firm, also managed customer experiences for loan disbursements and EMI payments. Its UX design approach essentially focused on three key pillars:

Simplicity to declutter and make the journey as simple as possible. Hyper-simple task flows and journeys were the goals that were achieved to make it customer-centric. Efficiency to eliminate all the unnecessary information in the application. This has proven to be a crucial element in improving the application’s effectiveness. Inclusivity to emphasise different target users across India by adding illustrations and images, depicting India in its truest sense.

Speaking on the UX design process, Saurabh Gupta, Co-founder, ZEUX Innovation said, “Our goal was to present a comprehensive picture of the loan application process while incorporating UX principles and L&T’s brand colors and guidelines. In order to define the business and user goals, we began the UX design process with a stakeholder vision. The task flow of both online and offline loan applications was then thoroughly studied to determine the different pain points. These findings provided a solid foundation for the design process to begin.”

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