LTIMindtree and IBM collaborate on watsonx Centre of Excellence for Generative AI

LTIMindtree announced a collaboration with IBM to establish a global, joint Generative AI Center of Excellence (CoE) in India, a co-innovation centre combining the power of the IBM watsonx AI and data platform and the engineering skills of LTIMindtree.

Open innovation drives the growth of enterprise AI technology, helping organisations apply AI-infused solutions to solve business challenges. It is this same open innovation which plays a key role in the LTIMindtree and IBM collaboration.

The LTIMindtree and IBM CoE plans to offer a comprehensive suite of services, combining LTIMindtree’s expertise in data and machine learning model customisation and full-stack engineering with IBM watsonx technology including,, and watsonx.governance, and AI assistants. The centre, located in India, will focus on building point solutions to accelerate clients’ generative AI adoption journeys.

Nachiket Deshpande, COO and Whole-time Director, LTIMindtree, commenting on the collaboration, said, “Open innovation is the cornerstone of progress in the digital era. By joining forces with IBM, LTIMindtree aims to be at the forefront of advancing AI technologies and empowering businesses to achieve unparalleled success with governance.”

Kate Woolley, General Manager, IBM Ecosystem said, “IBM Service Partners such as LTIMindtree play an integral role helping enterprises maximise the benefits of generative AI technology through all phases of their AI adoption journey. Our collaboration, distinguished by the Center of Excellence, is an opportunity for our companies to work closely together to help funnel the latest AI research and innovations into technologies solving real-world business challenges.”

This collaboration is expected to offer various benefits to clients, including providing them access to the following:

IBM watsonx.governance: LTIMindtree will offer a watsonx.governance integration with the platform, resulting in a collaborative enterprise-ready toolkit that enables organisations to strategically incorporate AI governance frameworks throughout the entire AI lifecycle. Together, these platforms will provide users with the structure and processes necessary to help them navigate the complexities of the regulatory landscape while also adhering to ethical standards, compliance requirements, and responsible AI practices.

IBM The CoE will also offer an enterprise data modernisation and warehouse augmentation service powered by This service will provide the framework and tools for data warehouse consumers to augment the performance of their existing data warehouse capabilities using the power of IBM and LTIMindtree’s expertise in crafting tailored solutions.

IBM The CoE is also expected to provide a suite of services dedicated to modernising full-stack applications across a set of domain specific use cases, including mainframe application modernisation use cases. LTIMindtree’s proficiency in full-stack engineering, combined with the powerful IBM studio, will help enterprises train, validate, tune and deploy AI models while simplifying their modernisation efforts.

The Center of Excellence aims to play a pivotal role in expanding the scope of generative AI applications for digital initiatives of clients, utilising the IBM watsonx platform and AI assistants, machine learning, speech recognition, natural language processing, and conversational AI to augment end user experience.

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