Major League Soccer’s Columbus crew relying on Vertiv Power and IT Management Systems

The new home of the 2020 MLS Cup champion Columbus Crew, Field, boasts one of the most digitally advanced fan experiences in modern sport, starting with a best-in-class entry system that allows fast, easy access for up to 20,000 fans every game. That system, along with others in the Crew’s digital toolbox, ensures a seamless fan experience and serves as a blueprint for additional stadiums and arenas around the world. Vertiv, a global provider of critical digital infrastructure and continuity solutions, makes sure it all runs smoothly as a proud supporter and neighbor of the Crew.

The entry gates at Field feature two options for fans entering the stadium. They can use a barcode on their phone to quickly pass through an unmanned turnstile, or they can opt for the stadium’s facial recognition system, which recognises pre-registered fans and admits them quickly with no additional action required. Mobile ordering and purchasing technologies minimise contact and eliminate long lines for concessions. The stadium’s vast array of scoreboards and digital displays ensure fans remain engaged and informed before, during, and after the match. The edge computing resources and infrastructure making it possible are all part of a sophisticated, connected, reliable digital ecosystem that streamlines and enhances the fan experience.

“We decided to get in-depth with bridging the gap between fans and technology and built a stadium which is totally focused on fan comfort, convenience and entertainment,” said Brandon Covert, Vice President, Information Technology, The Haslam Sports Group (HSG) – the organisation that owns a controlling interest in both the Columbus Crew and the Cleveland Browns NFL team.

“Vertiv’s infrastructure support helps us provide our concession and ticketing partners with the reliable connectivity they need and lets them operate at the highest level of efficiency. For example, if the ticketing system is down for even 10 seconds, that’s critical for an event. Our expectation is to create a frictionless fan experience and that begins even before entry to the building. When you’re bringing 20,000 people into this stadium, every second counts,” added Covert.

“We are proud to partner with the Crew to bring a best-in-class stadium experience to the hometown fans and visitors in Columbus,” said Gary Niederpruem, Chief Strategy and Development Officer, Vertiv.

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