Meesho to host 24-hour internal hackathon to spur innovation and team collaboration

Meesho is thrilled to announce its 24-Hour Internal Hackathon starting Thursday, June 13th at the Meesho HQ. The hackathon is designed to ignite creativity, foster teamwork, and generate groundbreaking ideas among our talented employees, as the company continues to drive forward in delivering exceptional online shopping experiences.

This year’s hackathon is focused on making ‘Meesho the preferred e-commerce destination for the next billion users’. The intensive round-the-clock hackathon will see employees from diverse departments – from Tech, Product, Marketing, Supply Chain & Logistics, IT, Operations etc. – come together to collaborate and compete in a high-energy environment. The judging team will evaluate participants based on creativity, impact, technical excellence, practicality, scalability, and presentation quality.

Commenting on the initiative, Mr Sanjeev Barnwal, Founder & Chief Technology Officer, Meesho, said, “Our 24-Hour Internal Hackathon embodies our commitment to fostering a culture of rapid innovation and collaboration. This hackathon is a fantastic opportunity to unleash the creative potential of our teams across domains and develop solutions focusing on revolutionary bets and process improvements that will drive Meesho towards becoming the preferred e-commerce destination in India.”

The hackathon is being organised in collaboration with Redis, Confluent, and Google Cloud , which will provide valuable resources and technical expertise to the participants.

“The inception of Meesho has democratised e-commerce for India, allowing the world’s biggest population to shop for quality products or start their own business at the comfort of their home. We are proud to power Meesho’s real-time recommendation engine with our data streaming platform and help Meesho scale efficiently to the demands of over 150 million annual transacting users, reaching masses in the tier 2 and 3 cities as well. It is our pleasure to support this hackathon with real-time infrastructure and in meeting Meesho’s goal of becoming the preferred e-commerce destination,” said Rubal Sahni, Area Vice President & Country Manager, Confluent, India.

“This strategic partnership allows us to support Meesho’s ambitious growth plans of transforming the future of Indian e-commerce and reaching millions of users while showcasing the power of Google Cloud AI technologies for the ever-evolving Indian e-commerce landscape,” said Bikram Singh Bedi, Vice President and Country MD, Google Cloud India

“Meesho is driving pioneering work in the Indian e-commerce industry and democratising the marketplace, bringing forth a category of users that would have remained unserved in Meesho’s absence. Connecting the Tier-3 and Tier-4 user base, more than 50% of whom are first-time internet users with diverse device and network profiles, is an engineering endeavour that presents unique challenges that traditional methods cannot achieve. Redis, the world’s leading real-time data platform, is incredibly proud of our partnership with Meesho and our role in enabling 150 million unique transactions with use cases such as caching, pricing, inventory management, and taxonomy. This hackathon focuses on making Meesho the preferred e-commerce platform for the next billion

users. At Redis, we take great pleasure in supporting Meesho’s hackathon to drive next-generation initiatives and deliver a Tier-1 e-commerce experience to Tier-3 and Tier-4 users at the Bharat scale.” said Dishank Nagpal, Managing Director – India, Redis

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