Meet These Robots That Offer Hand Sanitisers, Face Masks, And Also Clean Door Handles

A Kochi-based startup that is developed by Asimov Robotics, have taken up the task of disinfecting quite seriously, and the next in their pipeline is checking body temperatures!

Kerala has made a concrete place for itself in the startup archive of India. Also, sadly Kerala is one of the highest affected states with the Covid-19 outbreak. However, the good news is that a couple of bots installed at the Integrated Startup Complex, Kochi are creating a stir on social media. 

Kochi-based startup Asimov Robotics, has designed these bots that have mastered the art of offering hand sanitisers, and face masks to visitors and also brief them about the deadly Coronavirus. These robots are regularly cleaning the handlebars of the entrance door with sanitisers. It’s learnt that more and more features are being added to the bots, like an automated hand sanitiser spray and temperature check as a mandatory procedure. These robots would also be trained to disinfect people’s mobile phones, currency and coins.

These robots are from the Saya Bot series, that are developed by Asimov Robotics from the Kerala Startup Mission. As of now, they are deployed at the entrance of the integrated startup complex in Kalamassery. Also, these robots would be stationed in public places soon, where they would be approaching people and help in spreading the message.

Asimov Robotics said that there were two main reasons for having robots for awareness campaigns. They are of the opinion that not too many people are taking the situation seriously, inspite of the media disseminating proper information. Quite interestingly, these humanoid robots are supplemented with audio-visual aids that can help in creating awareness.

Also, the robots give accurate information effortlessly, by answering queries that are related to coronavirus. These robots are also being equipped with thermal imaging, under which, if the user keeps their hands under the robot’s palm, it would be spraying the sanitiser. The UV-disinfector facility lets the user keep the currency and their mobile phones and disinfect it within seconds. 

Enabled with thermal camera sensors, it would analyse people’s body temperatures and also advice those with a high temperature to consult the health department. Additionally, the team is looking forward to changing their software interface for such tasks, and is likely to be expected in a couple of days to be implemented. 

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