Meta’s new WhatsApp chatbot for business skilling helps Indian SMBs scale online

Four months ago, Meta launched the Meta Business Coach tool on WhatsApp as an innovative and easily-accessible way for owners of small-and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) across India to learn more about how to grow their business online with Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. In less than four months alone, almost 150,000 small business owners in India have accessed the Meta Business Coach, an automated chat bot devoted to providing digital skills and tools to SMBs. Meta shared today that based on the strong feedback, the company plans to expand the reach of the chatbot in India in the coming months. The tool is already available in English and Hindi, and there are plans to launch it in additional languages in the coming months.

Built on the WhatsApp Business Platform, the Meta Business Coach, is a free-to-use, low data cost educational tool that users can interact with in a simple, conversational and convenient way. SMBs have access to automated, self-paced lessons that skill them on how to establish a presence in today’s ever-evolving digital economy.

Archana Vohra, Director, Small and Medium Business India, Meta said, “Across metros and smaller towns, India lives and connects on WhatsApp. When we thought about expanding our existing business skilling efforts, we couldn’t think of a more powerful solution than one on WhatsApp. As more small businesses rapidly move to online in India, we understand how critical timely and easily accessible business skills become for them to unlock growth. We hope the Meta Business Coach will be their partner along this journey, providing training that they need through their mobile phones.”

India is among the first countries where the tool has been launched, and it’s yet another example of the country being the testing ground for some of the most exciting solutions at Meta, as well as demonstrating how Meta is building solutions for Indian SMBs keeping in mind their unique needs.

The educational tool on WhatsApp is available to any individual, representing one of the ways Meta provides opportunities for education and business growth through its platforms.

Neharika Sethi Mehra, Co-Founder, Tilohri said, “I found the Meta Business Coach extremely useful and insightful. I was pleasantly surprised at how the content was not just text, but was supported with pictures and emojis that make it interactive and engaging. It is a perfect tool for beginners as well as experienced players! Extremely user-friendly and the multilingual option makes it easy to use for those who prefer Hindi.”

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