Mitron Founders Claim That They Have Nothing To Do With Pakistan Code

Founders of the app Shivank Agarwal and Anish Khandelwal revealed to The Indian Express that Mitron was reinstalled on Google Play Store soon after they had complied with the request for paper documentation
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Just yesterday Express Computer reported that the Mitron App was brought back to Play Store by Google, seems that there is a new development. Keeping silent much over a week, founders of the Mitron app Shivank Agarwal and Anish Khandelwal told The Indian Express that their app was reinstated back to the Play store after they had complied with the request for proper documentation that was needed as a UGC platform.

Literally speaking, Mitron has been facing backlash much before Google had actually removed the app from Play Store after a Pakistani coding company, Qboxus claimed that Agarwal had bought the source code of Tictic from them for $34 roughly, which was later rebranded as Mitron without even making any customisations to the code. The duo refuted the claim however and said that they bought the initial prototyping code from Envato marketplace, which is an Australian firm, and not Qboxus. 

In the founders’ opinion, “Envato is a marketplace where users can purchase licensed code. We also purchased a template from this marketplace and we are the legal owners of the codebase of Mitron. Our focus was on the suitability of the initial template we purchased and the origin of the developer was neither displayed nor relevant.”

The founders even claimed that they had completely revamped the initial code to cope up with the security needs, and called the product an entirely ‘Make in India’ product that was being developed by the dedicated team in Bengaluru. The founders added that their thought process has always been that Indian consumers should be served by Indian platforms and that Indian data should always be secured on Indian servers. 

Going forward, the team is planning to bring in several changes in the user interface that looks similar to TikTok, with the objective of offering a smooth experience to users. Additionally, the founders added that the content on Mitron app would be serving both entertainment and educational quotient and that also the company plans on collaborating with the government and private bodies that are in the active areas. They even said that they want to collaborate with the Government, keeping specific points in mind like skill development, education, and also educating farmers with better farming techniques. 

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