Mphasis accelerates world-leading quantum computing ecosystem in partnership with Univ of Calgary & Govt of Alberta

Mphasis, an IT solutions provider specializing in cloud and cognitive services, today joined the Government of Alberta and the University of Calgary to announce the launch of the world-leading Quantum City – Canada. Quantum city will further establish Alberta as a leading technology hub and will accelerate the development of the quantum ecosystem in Calgary.

The partnership aims to utilise the synergy between academia, industry, and government to put the process of ideation to market at the forefront. This will include assessment, consulting, and joint development of quantum computing solutions along with exploring possible industry solutions in the areas of machine learning, optimization, simulation, and cryptography, among others. Additionally, to enable capability building in next-gen technologies, joint design, and development of an industry-focused quantum computing curriculum and leveraging Mphasis’ TalentNEXT training framework at the University of Calgary will help build an industry-ready workforce to operationalize the development and delivery of quantum solutions for real-world problems.

Further, Mphasis will help with Go-To-Market activities through its sales, partner, and analyst channels for commercialisation and adoption of Quantum computing solutions by the public and private sectors developed under this partnership. Mphasis has built a host of industry-focused IPs in areas including AI and Quantum computing and will extend those to the University of Calgary to jumpstart innovation and ideation. The collaboration will also accelerate the university’s innovation ecosystem to build a quantum start-up incubation center.

Quantum City will cultivate a national network of researchers, spur economic, technological, and infrastructural development, and act as a focal point for attracting talent through high-quality mentoring, training, and skills development in the country. The center will focus on developing cutting-edge solutions, collaborations, and skills-building initiatives in crucial areas of research such as Health, Energy, Environment, Agriculture & Food, Clean Tech, Oil & Gas, Social Sciences, Space, Finance, Logistics, and Transportation, etc.

“Alberta’s tech sector is one of the fastest growing in the world, and that is thanks to the ingenuity, know-how, and hard work of Alberta’s innovators and job creators. With this new support, the University of Calgary and its partners will play a key role in making Alberta a world-renowned technology and innovation hub – diversifying our economy today to create more jobs tomorrow,” said the Honorable Jason Kenney, Premier of Alberta, Canada.

The partnership in quantum computing will foster economic growth and job creation in the region. “Our aim is to leverage the Engineering DNA, to help advance the adoption of digital technologies and talent for the future Mphasis seeks to strengthen and contribute to Alberta’s quantum computing, machine learning, and artificial intelligence ecosystems. Our aim is to help organizations harness the power of rapidly advancing digital technologies to gain competitive advantage and advance their business strategies,” said Nitin Rakesh, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, Mphasis.

The collaboration between Mphasis and the University of Calgary will also focus on hosting quantum consulting workshops for use case identification, assessment, and infrastructure requirements. In addition, Mphasis will identify several industry partners and prospective clients for the commercialization of jointly developed quantum solutions.

“Quantum City is a leading example of how world-class talent, investment, and advanced technology are coming into Calgary. Calgary’s economy will grow and diversify as a result of the technologies developed through Quantum City. The University of Calgary will offer deep research expertise that can bring innovations to life and will reap immense benefits for people and societies. UCalgary is excited to be partnering with Mphasis and the Government of Alberta to leapfrog towards the future of innovation,” said Ed McCauley, President and Vice-Chancellor, University of Calgary.

“Our collaboration with the University of Calgary and Govt. of Alberta will enable us to tap into quantum computing’s enormous potential, allowing us to create cutting-edge capabilities and talents for the future. The opening of our center illustrates our commitment to bringing the most creative, game-changing solutions to market and to investing in skills early on, to stay ahead of the curve. With the world on the verge of a new age of computing, Quantum Computers will soon be able to tackle issues that were previously unsolvable by traditional computers. Building a unified quantum computing business demands a concerted effort to grow the ecosystem across industries, which is what our partnership aims to do. The Quantum Computing Centre is another example of our dedication to fostering open innovation ecosystems to address the big problems of our time,” said Rohit Jayachandran, Senior Vice President and Head Strategic Accounts, Mphasis.

The center will work in alignment with the goals of the government and harness the computational technology for traffic management, vehicle routing, financial services portfolio, and social network analysis. The confluence of machine learning and quantum simulation & modeling will be utilized for supply chain demand prediction, anomaly detection, drug development, human mobility modeling, cybersecurity, and climate modeling.

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