NOVAC Technology Solutions make its global debut through Fintech Surge Dubai 2022

NOVAC Technology Solutions, a leading digital transformation and cloud solutions company from Chennai, India, is all set to partake in the Fintech Surge, a part of the GITEX Global (Gulf Information Technology Exhibition) Summit between October 10 and 14, 2022, at the Dubai World Trade Center. Having been consistent with its innovations in many avenues, including the metaverse and immersive learning, the company is set to make its maiden appearance in the global Fintech software market alongside 50+ top-tier companies from the country.

Gitex Global is considered to be the world’s largest technology and start-up event that pools participation from over 140 countries. Through this show, NOVAC would have a huge chance to foster deeper international ties and aid other companies in understanding their products and services. Currently, digital transformation companies offer various services for a multitude of industries, catering to specific requirements and problems. With its extensive background in the retail, financial, insurance, and e-learning industries, NOVAC is now venturing into tech-enabled territories beyond its home country to offer the same valuable and accessible software solutions. With Gitex, NOVAC would be placing their breakthrough ideologies to the forefront of the vast business ecosystem, empowering revolutions in the age of digital transformation.

Commenting on the occasion, Mr N.S Nanda Kishore, Director & CEO, Novac Technology Solutions, said, “We at NOVAC have always strived to offer expert solutions for cloud and digital transformations in the current market. Participating in such a global event increases our opportunities for further development tremendously. Besides the culmination of shared knowledge, we believe this will allow us to cement our presence outside India as well, particularly in light of a boom in FinTech. We are looking forward to the global transcending ecosystem that provides the scope for diversifying our notions, which is very important for an ambitious company like ours in showcasing our expertise.”

With a major focus on immersive learning, e-learning and retail segments, NOVAC Technology Solutions will provide a lucrative climate in the digital transformation and learning management system, highlighting current trends and future perspectives at the forum.

About Novac Technology Solutions:

NOVAC Technology Solutions is a digital transformation and cloud solutions company in Chennai, India. With expertise in FinTech, InsurTech, RetailTech, EduTech, and ImmersiveTech, Novac helps businesses in their transition to the digital world seamlessly. Across channels, NOVAC emphasises its brand values and aims to build long-lasting relationships with clients to ensure world-class solutions that exceed clients’ expectations. Novac’s Digital Learning vertical, ‘Novac Learning,’ has been in this field for several years and has over 50+ clients for its Learning platforms, ELearning, and AR VR services. With immense expertise in immersive technology, the company has developed a spectrum of marketing and training solutions for businesses. Furthermore, venturing into the metaverse, NOVAC has a gamut of services to

be offered to businesses like NFT Design & Development, private metaverse development, and building experiences in existing metaverses for businesses, assisting them in making a smooth transition into the immersive world. At NOVAC, the company sees innovation as a continuous process and firmly believes that the agile business model is crucial to any business’s success.

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