Now, a printer that lets you search and print from the net

Samsung on Thursday introduced a new printer series which will tap on to the power of Android to help users access the web, search for pages and print them directly from the printer itself.

 The Samsung MultiXpress will also come with powerful dual scan lenses that increase the scanning speed dramatically — up to 120 A4 images every minute. It is powered by a 1GHz dual core CPU to achieve these speeds. Samsung’s RECP technology will also improve the quality of prints.

 The MultiXpress series also has NFC to certify the user and also provide the ability for devices to interact with the printer.

 However, the best part of the printer has to be the 10.1 inch screen yoked to it. This Android powered tablet can let you access apps and print directly from them. The Android-based Smart UI centre will make it easy for anyone to operate the device without any learning involved.

 The product will become available in India first and will come to India mid-October. In Europe, it will be priced between Euro 3000 and 6000 based on features.

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