NtechLab announces entry into India with the world’s best face recognition tech

NtechLab, one of the global leaders in video analytics, today announced its entry into India launching a new tool, FindFace Multi. It detects faces and silhouettes of people, and cars, in real time video streams. The tool accurately counts people, checks faces against monitoring lists and notifies the user when matches are detected.

The move into India is part of NtechLab’s wider strategic business decision and global growth campaign aimed at winning new markets such as Gulf, Latin America and South Asia.

Andrei Telenkov, CEO of NtechLab, said: “India is a very important country for our business portfolio and it will significantly expand our presence in the growing field of video analytics. FindFace Multi is of serious interest to our clients and potential customers in India, because there is nothing else like it. Cameras can be configured for different types of objects, and at the same time one camera can process several different types of objects at once.”

The face recognition tool can also recognize emotions, whether a person has a beard, glasses, or a medical mask. A distinctive feature of FindFace Multi is its ability to support an infinite number of video streams and facial database entries, ensuring the system offers unlimited scalability. Using an intelligent criteria-based facial search, a suspect can be filmed, detected and tracked in a split second.

Vehicle recognition determines the type of body, color, manufacturer, and model of the car, as well license plates. The system works even if license plates, or part of the vehicle are not visible.

Silhouette recognition allows users to count and search, as well as track movements with high accuracy. The algorithm, when identifying outwardly similar people, takes into account height, color of clothes and accessories to identify individuals. Using this function, for example, it can be used to calculate the number of visitors to shopping centers and other commercial places.

The new FindFace Multi algorithm took first place in the Face Recognition Vendor Test competition of the National Institute of Standards and Technology of the US Department of Commerce. The award recognized its doubling of accuracy when identifying faces without masks and its 10 times accuracy improvement when identifying masked persons.

Liana Meliksetyan, International Commercial Director, NtechLab, said: “We currently have partners all over India, and are looking for more. NtechLab’s products, have demonstrated great effectiveness in the fields of security, retail, banking and other areas. Clients range from smart cities and governments globally who want to keep their cities safe to commercial businesses and clients who gain competitive benefit from the rich audience analytics our software can provide.”

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