Nuvepro ties up with Mentorskool to upskill learners for data-driven profiles

Nuvepro, a leading cloud technology-enabled hands-on upskilling platform, is excited to announce its strategic collaboration with Mentorskool, a problem-first, mentor-nudged, industry use case-based upskilling startup. This partnership aims to revolutionize the upskilling landscape, focusing on empowering data professionals. By combining Mentorskool’s expertise in full-stack data upskilling with Nuvepro’s industry-leading platform, a comprehensive learning experience will be created to propel learners’ excellence in data analytics, engineering, science, and storytelling.

The collaboration introduces a unique approach that combines targeted upskilling programs with hands-on practice labs tailored for data-driven skill profiles. Leveraging Nuvepro’s platform, learners gain practical experience in real-world scenarios, ensuring they have the necessary skills and confidence to tackle complex data challenges head-on.

The development of skill persona-driven program designs lies at the heart of this collaboration, catering to four specialized domains: Data Analyst, Data Storyteller, Data Engineer, and Data Scientist. Through a layered learning approach, learners progress through crucial stages of upskilling, encompassing problem formulation, data literacy, analytics and visualization skills, cloud engineering, AI/ML/data science expertise, and enhanced problem-solving abilities. This comprehensive curriculum ensures learners acquire a diverse range of skills essential for success in real-world data-centric roles.

Arun Reddy, Chief Operating Officer at NuveproTechnologies, expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating, “We are thrilled to join forces with Mentorskool, revolutionizing upskilling in the data-driven era. Our collaboration empowers learners with a comprehensive learning experience, equipping professionals with the skills to excel in data analytics, engineering, science, and storytelling. By blending targeted upskilling programs with hands-on practice labs, learners can apply their skills in real-world scenarios. With skill persona-driven program designs and a layered learning approach, we empower individuals to acquire a diverse range of skills essential for success in data-centric roles.”

Prateek Kumar, Chief Operating Officer at Mentorskool, highlighted the benefits of this collaboration, saying, “This collaboration truly completes our vision towards achieving industry readiness for the workforce of tomorrow. Reflecting real-world use cases requires robust lab infrastructure, and that is where Nuvepro’sstronghold in providing seamless lab integrations adds immense value to our offerings. Together, we aim to achieve faster time to deploy aligned with industry-oriented use cases, ensuring upskilling translates into deployability with quality and speed.”

Headquartered in Bengaluru, Mentorskool leverages precision learning and data-driven skill insights to groom industry-ready, deployable data talent. By designing learning experiences inspired by real-world, industry-oriented use cases, Mentorskool has helped top enterprise analytics consulting firms build industry-ready talent pools in a fraction of the time compared to traditional upskilling models.

Through this collaboration, Nuvepro and Mentorskool are committed to serving over 50+ enterprises, providing learners with personalized learning experiences and practical lab environments for data skillsets. The partnership aims to create a skilled talent pool capable of meeting the evolving demands of the data-driven world.

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