OutSystems unveils next generation cloud native development capabilities

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OutSystems, a firm in modern application development, has unveiled a next generation application platform that enables development teams to build state-of-the-art cloud applications. The new platform, codenamed Project Neo, delivers the next level of application scale and developer productivity that organisations need to compete in a cloud-first world.

OutSystems architected the new platform from the ground up to directly solve the most pressing challenges facing businesses today as they manage constant change, software development talent shortages, and the essential need to modernise their business. Project Neo combines the productivity benefits of visual, model-based development with a state-of-the-art container- and Kubernetes-based cloud architecture, hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), so any company can build custom cloud apps capable of global-scale and continuous change.

“OutSystems is breaking the boundaries of traditional software development. With Project Neo, we have architected a platform that allows any development team to build any app at internet scale,” said Paulo Rosado, CEO and Founder, OutSystems. “Developers should be the artisans of innovation in their organisation, but they are mired in complexity that stifles their ability to innovate and differentiate. Instead of using their talents to fix, change and maintain code and aging systems, you can give them industry-leading tools that unleash their creativity on your business and achieve massive competitive advantage,” added Paulo.

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