Pega introduces Pega GenAI Coach to intelligently guide users to enhance performance

Pegasystems Inc., today introduced Pega GenAI Coach, a generative AI-powered mentor for Pega solutions that proactively advises users to help them achieve optimal outcomes. Leveraging an organisation’s own best practices for sales, service, and operations, coach quickly analyses a user’s work and relevant data in context to intelligently guide them toward better and faster results.

While generative AI solutions can help overwhelmed employees perform tasks, most solutions are disconnected from the underlying workflows. This burdens users to seek guidance and determine the perfect prompt to get answers. Instead, Pega GenAI Coach directly integrates into workflows and acts as an always-on mentor within Pega solutions. It analyses work and guides users with salient advice to overcome roadblocks. Managers can use Coach to quickly get up to speed on their team’s work and surface insights into their team’s performance.

Coaches can be easily configured to ensure each coach is tailored to an organisation’s objectives and their employees’ specific needs. This helps users to achieve objectives such as: 

Optimise sales team performance: Coach analyses existing opportunity, lead, contact, and interaction data within Pega Sales Automation and offers suggestions to help overcome barriers in moving deals forward. Sales leadership can easily input industry knowledge and their own best practices directly into Coach, helping ensure their teams are getting industry and business-specific advice to provide prospects and clients a better sales experience. 

Improve back-office operations: Coach helps ensure back-office case workers can better complete complex work by providing personalised instructions that leverage an understanding of procedural information, regulatory requirements, and case data, keeping everything running smoothly.  

Quickly resolve healthcare claims: Coach can help caseworkers by quickly analysing and summarising a customer’s claim, plan, and history to surface answers for customer inquiries, while also guiding them on the best path to resolution if further steps are required. 

Built on the Pega GenAI architecture, Coach handles complex workflows with auditability, security, and guardrails appropriate for the enterprise. Its seamless integration with Pega AI capabilities allows enterprises to leverage a broad spectrum of AI. For example, the Coach can use statistical predictions from Pega Process AI to suggest ways to avoid fines related to missed deadlines. Coach will also access information synthesised by Pega GenAI Knowledge Buddy to bring relevant enterprise knowledge directly to users as they work on cases.

“The deluge of enterprise data, systems, and policies enterprise employees sift through can be overwhelming and inhibit them from getting the quick access to information and insights they need,” said Kerim Akgonul, Chief Product Officer, Pega. 

“Pega GenAI Coach uses generative AI to provide the high-quality guidance of an experienced senior manager in a quickly accessible format so employees can get work done better and faster than ever before,” he added.

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