React JS & Java Full Stack Developer among the top 5 digital skills in demand this year, says report

React JS developer is the most sort after job role in Mar-Oct 2020 with an uptick of 184% in openings; Bengaluru witnessed the highest demand for React JS skills (44%)

Quess, a business solutions provider and India’s largest private-sector employer reveals that organisations which are increasingly looking at staying ahead of the curve in this changing landscape have seen an uptick in the demand for talents with skills such as Azure, Full Stack Development, React JS, among others. Some areas have even witnessed over a 100% increase in these requirements.

There has been a growing demand for platform skills such as Salesforce and SAP modules as CEOs build enterprise resilience. Data science, cybersecurity, Kubernetes, and other new-age digital skills are also seeing a steady growth pattern. There has been an overall increase in upskilling efforts from both the organisational and individual perspectives as companies are undergoing a transformation journey and upgrading their legacy framework, with timelines being as of yesterday.

Top 5 Digital Skills in Demand

The top five digital skills in demand are React JS Developer, Java Full Stack Developer, Azure, Android Developer, and Angular JS Developer. In Mar-Oct 2020, the role of React JS Developer has seen a ↑184% increase in the total number of open positions, as compared to the same period in 2019. Similarly, the roles of Java Full Stack Developer (↑62%) and Azure (↑28%) have witnessed an uptick in openings during this time. While the skills of Android Developer (↓5%) and Angular JS Developer (↓14%) did see a slight dip, they remain among the top niche skills in demand currently.

Top Skills % Shift (Mar-Oct 2019 vs. Mar-Oct 2020)
React JS Developer ↑184%
Java Full Stack Developer ↑62%
Azure ↑28%
Android Developer ↓5%
Angular JS Developer ↓14%

Demand for Digital Skills Deconstructed City-Wise
Analysing the demand for the top five fastest growing skills among the metros, React JS skills witnessed the highest demand in Bengaluru and Delhi, Azure skills saw significant demand in Mumbai and Hyderabad, Angular JS developers saw the highest demand in Chennai and Android Developers, and Java Full Stack Developers witnessed the highest demand in Delhi and Hyderabad respectively.

Platform-Based Services Spurring the Demand for Specialized Skills
The shift to working from home and the larger industrial migration to platform-based solutions has boosted demand for qualified security professionals and data encryption services. Further, with cloud migration being a staple requirement across programs, it is becoming key to organisational transformations, as customers are seeing shorter timelines for project completion, pushing up the demand for skilled talent even further.

Despite the transition to remote working, hiring has not seen major disruption as a process, with an increase of 30% in digital hiring during this time. That being said, recruitment evolution through tech and video enabling platforms have helped companies combat the pandemic constraints of physical meets.

Vijay Sivaram, CEO, Quess IT Staffing, said, “Despite the impact of the pandemic on IT and the larger technology sector, we are seeing overall demand for tech roles at approximately 90% of pre-COVID numbers. The rapid transition of organisations across sectors to a more digital-first approach, along with a simultaneous shift to digital hiring, has helped maintain demand at a largely stable level. It is also interesting to note that with the advancement of newer technologies, there is also a rise in interest in upskilling, towards retaining relevance in the field.”

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