Remote work creates new opportunities

By Zakir Hussain – Director, BD Soft India

Remote work poses some questions whereas remote work from home can become a problem if there are no proper controls in place and a company never implemented employee monitoring software within the corporate perimeter. Cybersecurity is threatened – the number of attacks can rocket as remote employees trying to connect to the corporate system are like a bait for a hacker.

What other tendencies have been and will be observed in the near future?

Delivery, telecoms, online services, digital media will be both the most targeted and the busiest sources Zoom security has already been compromised as well as some Google communication apps.

Remote access software sales will be increased. Specially those companies which are new to monitoring remote teams and remote management are now showing an escalating concern and demand for the products that can ensure the fastest implementation requiring as little efforts as possible in urgent situation. Besides monitoring tools there has been the rising demand for conference systems and VoIP.

The frequency of such searches as “time tracking app” and “time tracking software” keeps increasing as project management as well as project risk management go through the delicate relocation stages – all the established processes and policies need to be reconsidered

Although cloud servers and cloud security solutions have been growing in popularity, even more organizations have been shifting to cloud storages these days. And VPN is the number one instrument for businesses going remote. Digital workplaces, centralized application management system, security solutions for devices have grown in demand.

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