enables healthcare providers with AI-powered contact center, India’s evolving AI-powered contact center, is assisting diagnostic and healthcare service providers with contact center automation. The diagnostic company found it impossible to meet client expectations, turn around patients being 10M per year, especially during the Covid-19 crisis, because of the manual operations, with a high volume of queries, low response rates, and time limits from overworked personnel. The AI-Powered Contact Center from made a convincing argument for reviving the overloaded customer by providing an intelligent, patient-centric, and engaging approach. Their system provides customised solutions based on the categorisation and SOPs that have been developed whenever a touchpoint occurs, with a faster turnaround time.

The leading diagnostic healthcare center saw an unprecedented spike in customer base from multiple laboratories to deal with reports, samples, tests, appointments, payment alternatives, and much more. Rezo’s email automation helped the provider to minimise employee workload, cost-effectively nurture customer connections, and increase response.’s platform employed intelligent routing to direct tickets to the appropriate agent or laboratory, as well as allowing users to track tickets, reopen outstanding tickets, and change ownership.’s highly efficient system recognised numerous intents and languages using backend APIs to categorise and subcategorise consumer queries automatically.

Dr. Rashi Gupta, Chief Data Scientist and Co-founder, adds, “When it comes to engaging with customers and creating a unique experience for them, delivers strategic value to the healthcare sector. To train models from unstructured voice and text data, we use unique algorithms designed with next-generation technologies — AI, NLP, and NLU. These models are built to scale without a ramp-up phase, give a quick and consistent response to client inquiries, and save operational costs dramatically.”

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