enhances agent efficiency by 2.5 times, cuts operational costs in contact centers by 30%, one of the fastest evolving AI-powered contact centers, has successfully brought down customer query resolution time from days to a few seconds for leading businesses. Automating interactions with across multiple channels – email, chat, voice, and social, has helped businesses bring down the operational costs by 30 per cent. analyses customer–agent interactions, coaches and trains agents and enhances the customer experience (CX) with in-built robotic process automation (RPA). Companies in BFSI, Airlines, Logistics, and several other industries rely on contact centers for handling customer service requests, queries, and escalations. By partnering with, clients could see drastic improvements in customer satisfaction. The solution can assist agents or can run in a fully automated manner. In an assisted manner, agents can handle 2.5x the volume and with an automated system, exponential volumes can be handled with ease. 

Speaking about the feat, Dr. Rashi Gupta, Chief Data Scientist and Co-founder, said, “Contact centers have a strategic value for the business when it comes to engaging with customers and creating a distinct experience. At, we leverage proprietary algorithms built using next-generation technology – AI, NLP, NLU to train models from unstructured voice and text data. These models once trained for an enterprise get deployed as virtual agents with the ability to talk and revert to customer queries just like an enterprise “best agent”. These models are designed to scale without a ramp-up period, provide a fast and consistent response to customer queries and save significantly on operational costs.” 

The Global Contact Center Market is expected to grow by US$ 250.47 bn during 2021-2025, progressing at a CAGR of over 11 per cent during the forecast period (source). aims to be a key enabler for this market and during covid times when contact center functionality was questioned, handled the entire contact center operations with their next-generation proprietary technology.
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